Casino Tax Revenue

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The panel managing Nationwide Arena said this week it will close the fiscal year June 30th with a nearly 109 thousand dollar profit.

Casino tax revenue has not been as high as operators promised when voters approved their construction a few years ago.

Casino Tax Revenue Projections Fall Short

Jul 15, 2014

State casino tax revenue over the past year fell nearly 12 percent short of projections.

Local Governments Getting Less Casino Tax Revenue

Feb 14, 2014

The growth of racinos in Ohio has led to a decline in casino tax revenue for local governments.

Columbus City Council last night approved legislation detailing how the city will spend it's share of Casino Tax revenue from the state over the next two years. Jim Letizia reports.  

Fairfield County commissioners say next month, they will discuss using the county's share of state casino tax revenue to help build a new 35-million dollar jail.