Charleta Tavares

Ohio Public Radio

Some state lawmakers are backing a new bill to reform sexual harassment training standards for their colleagues.

Two Democratic state lawmakers are proposing legislation to ban  assault weapons in the wake of recent mass shootings.

Ohio Public Radio

Two Republican state lawmakers and a Democratic Senate staffer have resigned in the last month – all over what’s been termed “inappropriate behavior”.

Ohio Public Radio

State lawmakers are again considering changing regulations on cosmetologists, after eliminating a manager's license last year.

The cost of Republican Ohio Governor John Kasich's security detail has risen since he began running for president last year.

Republican Ohio Governor John Kasich has been traveling around the country in recent weeks, laying the groundwork for his presidential campaign.

State Attempting To Lower Premie Death Rate

Jul 25, 2013

A Republican and a Democratic State Senator are trying to figure out what the state can do to lower the number of deaths of premature infants.

State senators could find common ground on marriage issues

Jan 22, 2013

When Democrats in the Ohio Senate laid out their priorities recently, there was one that took on a message about encouraging marriage. It’s an issue that some Republicans have talked about in the past and as Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles reports, there could be some bipartisan agreement on it.