Charter Schools

Four people have been sentenced in a federal bribery case linked to an Ohio charter school, including the school's former superintendent. 

Ohio has received a 71 million dollar federal grant to expand charter schools even as state authorities review possible data scrubbing by a former school-choice director and lawmakers push fixing charter oversight.

The state auditor has referred a Columbus-area charter school for an ethics investigation after allegedly finding nepotism and self-serving deals.

Two Ohio Board of Education members who requested an independent investigation of the Ohio Department of Education's charter oversight office claim their proposal was improperly blocked.

State of Ohio

The Ohio Supreme Court decision that nearly a hundred million dollars in equipment bought by charter school operators with tax money belongs to those operators and not to the schools has raised more anger against the industry.

The Ohio Supreme Court has sided with a controversial charter school operator.

Ohio Board of Education members grilled state schools superintendent Richard Ross for the first time since the charter school data scrubbing scandal went public. 

The Ohio Democratic Party is calling for an independent investigation into the Ohio Department of Education over the changing of data for online and dropout recovery charter schools. 

WCBE Files

Critics are reacting to the details in more than 10o thousand  documents related to the Ohio Department of Education’s handling of charter schools. 

Newly-released Ohio Department of Education records show data experts were puzzled by some requests from an ex-charter school director whose decision to omit certain failing grades from sponsor evaluations led to his resignation in July.

Columbus City School officials over the weekend visited the families of students left stranded by the unexpected closure of a charted school last week. 

Public school advocates say they have the numbers to prove the funding system for charter schools hurts public school students.

A Columbus charter school serving 300 students closed this week because of mismanagement.

Democrats on the Ohio Board of Education want an independent investigation into the resignation of the state’s charter schools chief.

State schools superintendent Richard Ross has named a three-member panel to advise the Ohio Department of Education on evaluating charter school sponsors.

  City League coaches are turning to the Columbus Board of Education for help in battling a new ruling from the Ohio High School Athletic Association.  Alison Holm explains.

The Ohio Department of Education is retracting evaluations of charter school sponsors after discovering a pro-charter school  official excluded failing grades received by online schools from the reports.

Republican State Auditor David Yost says a now-closed Dayton charter school called General Chappie James Leadership Academy padded its rolls by nearly half and improperly collected 1.1 million dollars in tax money.

An online charter school has been cleared of allegations in an anonymous email that it failed to withdraw hundreds of chronically truant students in order to pad its rolls.

The Ohio Department of Education is suspending four charter schools for failing to meet student academic performance requirements.