Charter Schools

One of the nation's largest online charter school operators is suing the Ohio Board of Education over its vote to have the school repay $60 million that was disputed because of a lack of justifying documentation. 

Ohio's largest online charter school operator has promised to continue its fight with the Ohio Department of Education. 

A study by a pro-charter school group shows open enrollment in public schools helped improve student academic achievement.

The Franklin County Court of Appeals has denied a request by Ohio's largest online charter school operator to block the Ohio Department of Education from collecting 60 million dollars in payments.

Over and over again, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos deflected a barrage of pointed questions with one answer:

"Schools that receive federal funds must follow federal law."

Ohio's largest online charter school operator is asking a judge to block the Ohio  Board of Education from voting to order the school to pay back 60 million state dollars for enrollment that can't be justified.


As enrollment in online charter schools has soared across the U.S., states have struggled to put in place regulations ensuring students get a real education and cyber schools get the right amount of funding.

State Auditor David Yost says a closed Columbus charter school failed to repay the state nearly 341 thousand dollars in educational support funding.

Franklin County Sheriff's Office

Hilliard police have charged a former charter school director  with theft and other counts.

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DeVos heckled at Bethune-Cookman University

A state hearing officer has ruled against Ohio's largest online charter school operator in its appeal of the Ohio Department of Education's determination it owes 60 million dollars for enrollment that can't be justified.

Ohio Public Radio

The fight between the state and the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow brought supporters of the state's largest online charter school operator to the Statehouse on Tuesday.


The state has turned down 22 million out of 71 million dollars in federal charter school expansion grant money, saying enough potential schools will not meet the high performance ratings needed to qualify.

Ohio Public Radio

State Auditor David Yost has ordered an examination of all cyber schools' data collection practices after his office found the state's largest online charter school operator lacked adequate systems to track the time students spent learning.


Ohio Department of Education statistics show the number of charter schools in the state dropped in 2016 for the third straight year, while enrollment also declined.

A non-partisan think-tank in Ohio that advocates for charter schools says implementation of the 2015 state crack down is working. 


A federal rule aimed at holding for-profit colleges accountable could get another look if Betsy DeVos becomes U.S. education secretary in the Trump administration.

State Auditor David Yost says a now-closed charter school in Columbus failed to repay nearly 478 thousand dollars in state foundation overpayments after overstating enrollment.

A Columbus woman convicted of using money from a startup charter school to purchase luxury vehicles and other items  has been sentenced to three years in prison.

A court has dismissed an appeal by Ohio's largest online charter school of a ruling allowing the state to use the amount of time students are logged in to calculate enrollment and funding.


Ohio school officials and education experts are waiting to see what President-Elect Trump’s choice for Secretary of Education will mean in a state that pioneered school vouchers. 


Republican State Senator Peggy Lehner is pushing back against allegations by a political blog that she has a conflict of interest regarding charter schools. 


Ohio Board of Education member A.J. Wagner has resigned because he's leaving the state.

The state says nearly a third of Ohio charter school sponsors could have their authority revoked under new evaluations of how well the sponsors follow current educational rules and laws.

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A lawyer for the Turkish government hired to investigate publicly funded U.S. charter schools started by the followers of a reclusive Muslim cleric living in Pennsylvania filed a formal complaint Tuesday with Ohio's auditor.

Feds Release Controversial Charter School Grant To Ohio

Sep 15, 2016

The U.S. Department of Education is releasing a disputed 71 million grant to Ohio to aid high-performing charter schools with strings attached.

The state  and its largest online charter school operator, the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow,  went to court Monday in a battle  over what’s required to educate students.

The Ohio Department of Education says it's moving forward with evaluations of charter school sponsors for following  rules and laws.

Columbus Division of Police

State Auditor David Yost wants to recover more than 60 thousand dollars in start-up money from operators of two Columbus charter schools that closed nearly three years ago. 

Ohio Public Radio

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Ted Strickland is calling for a halt to the creation of private, for-profit charter schools.