Charter Schools

Public school advocates say they have the numbers to prove the funding system for charter schools hurts public school students.

A Columbus charter school serving 300 students closed this week because of mismanagement.

Democrats on the Ohio Board of Education want an independent investigation into the resignation of the state’s charter schools chief.

State schools superintendent Richard Ross has named a three-member panel to advise the Ohio Department of Education on evaluating charter school sponsors.

  City League coaches are turning to the Columbus Board of Education for help in battling a new ruling from the Ohio High School Athletic Association.  Alison Holm explains.

The Ohio Department of Education is retracting evaluations of charter school sponsors after discovering a pro-charter school  official excluded failing grades received by online schools from the reports.

Republican State Auditor David Yost says a now-closed Dayton charter school called General Chappie James Leadership Academy padded its rolls by nearly half and improperly collected 1.1 million dollars in tax money.

An online charter school has been cleared of allegations in an anonymous email that it failed to withdraw hundreds of chronically truant students in order to pad its rolls.

The Ohio Department of Education is suspending four charter schools for failing to meet student academic performance requirements.

Dayton Daily News

An Ohio charter school superintendent, a school board leader and an education consultant suspected of bribing them in exchange for a contract have been convicted of federal charges.  

The state spends 900 million dollars on charter schools.

A Democratic state lawmaker is blasting the Ohio Department of Education for an anonymous e-mail about attendance at an online charter school, but another is holding back. 

Two state lawmakers have referred to the state auditor's office allegations an online charter school failed to disenroll hundreds of chronically truant students in order to pad its rolls.

A bill cracking down on low-performing charter schools and imposing a host of new accountability standards on sponsors has cleared the Ohio House Education Committee.

Central Ohio educators are getting bills from the state for the teaching money that they pocketed.

Charter school bakers are asking state lawmakers to support legislation they say will help make their schools more effective.

Ohio Public Radio

Republican State Auditor David Yost says unannounced attendance checks at 30 charter schools shows 25 percent of them have significant cases of under-attendance.

Republican Ohio Governor John Kasich says he plans to push against political adversaries during his second term, as he tries to enact restrictions on charter schools and reach a satisfactory compromise on renewable-energy mandates.

Progressive Coalition Targets Charter School Leases

Oct 14, 2014

A consortium of progressive groups is calling on the state to tighten oversight on charter school leases.

A progressive-leaning think tank and the state’s largest teachers’ union have released data they say shows mixed grades last year for Ohio’s students who need to pass a key elementary school test.