Cincinnati Streetcar

Streetcar Construction Delay Could Mean Higher Costs

Jan 23, 2014

The decision to delay for a month work on Cincinnati's streetcar project amid a fight over its future could further raise the costs.

Cincinnati City Council Votes To Continue Controversial Streetcar

Dec 19, 2013

Cincinnati City Council has voted to proceed with the city's 133 million dollar streetcar project, despite the objections of Mayor John Cranley.

Cincinnati Mayor Proposes Streetcar Compromise

Dec 12, 2013

Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley has backed off his plans to stop the city's 133 million dollar streetcar project.

Petitions are circulating around Cincinnati to put the streetcar project before voters for a third time.

Cincinnati City Council has voted to immediately halt spending on the 133 million streetcar project.

Cincinnati Must Return Streetcar Money To Feds

Nov 15, 2013

Federal Transit Administrator Peter Rogoff says the city of Cincinnati will have to return 44.9 million dollars if Mayor-elect John Cranley fulfills his promise to kill the municipal streetcar project.

Cincinnati City Manager Milton Dohoney says he will resign on December 1st, when the new mayor and overhauled City Council take office.

More rails for Cincinnati's streetcar was delivered Monday despite the 133 million project's uncertain future.

Supporters of the apparently doomed Cincinnati streetcar project are planning a town hall meeting to mobilize against Mayor-elect John Cranley.

Cincinnati Mayor-elect John Cranley is vowing to end the city's planned streetcar project.

Committee Approves More Streetcar Money

Jun 25, 2013

Cincinnati city council is expected to officially approve an additional 17.4 million dollars for the streetcar project.

Duke Energy Sues Over Moving Utility Lines For Streetcar

Feb 18, 2013

A power company has sued Cincinnati, saying the company should not have to pay to relocate utility lines for a streetcar project.

Streetcar Bids Over Budget

Feb 15, 2013

Construction bids for the Cincinnati streetcar project have come in 26 to 43 millionĀ  dollars over budget.

Cincinnati Streetcar Project Delayed

Jan 4, 2013

Cincinnati city officials say the streetcar project has been delayed again, thisĀ time to the spring of 2016.