Columbus Pride Festival

Stonewall Columbus Director Karla Rothan, who came under fire last year after four African-American protesters were arrested during the Columbus Pride parade, has announced in a letter that she is retiring.

A Franklin County jury has convicted three people who confronted police after blocking the path of the Columbus Pride Parade last summer of disorderly conduct.

A local LGBTQ-rights group is attempting to answer criticism about its lack of diversity.

Dozens of people held a demonstration last night at a community meeting sponsored by Stonewall Columbus.

Over the weekend a Columbus City Schools official said termination was in the works for an employee who posted hateful comments against LGBTQ people and the city's Pride Festival on his Facebook page.

A spokesperson says the Columbus City Schools are working to fire the employee who posted a threat against the lives of LGBTQ community members on social media ahead of this weekend's Columbus Pride festival.

Columbus Police and the Department of Homeland Security are investigating a social media post that calls for the killing of LGBTQ people during the Columbus Pride Festival.

LGBT Pride Month around the country is marked by celebratory parades — featuring floats, dancers and celebrities. And they've been especially joyous in recent years, following the Supreme Court's decision to legalize same-sex marriage.

But this year, the tone of Los Angeles's parade has shifted from pride to protest.

"We've converted the parade, floats and fun to a march for civil rights," says Brian Pendleton, who has planned what's now called the Resist March for June 11.

Organizers of this year's Columbus Pride Festival say businesses and other organizations who want to participate in the parade must first demonstrate they're serious about protecting LGBTQ employees.

Ohio State University has changed its mind and will allow its mascot to march in the Columbus pride parade this weekend. 

Brutus Buckeye will not be marching as planned in this weekend's Pride parade through downtown Columbus.  

Columbus Division of Police

Columbus police chief Kim Jacobs says additional officers will provide security for this weekend's Pride Festival, which is one of the largest in the Midwest.

Final preparations are underway for the annual Columbus Pride Festival.