Common Core


Last year, frustrated parents spurred a movement by pulling their kids out of the annual standardized tests. 

Data shows that less than half of Ohio students met the academic standards on new Common Core tests taken the last school year. 

Students in Ohio, 10 other states and the District of Columbia will spend 90 minutes less next year taking tests based on the Common Core standards, a decision made in response to widespread opposition to the requirements.

Many Ohio parents are opting their kids out of new standardized tests based on the Common Core standards.

Students  around the state are taking the first round of standardized testing using the new assessment known as the PARCC.

Bill To Repeal Common Core Moves To Full House

Nov 5, 2014

Less than a day after an election in which Republicans won big in Ohio and across the country, the bill to repeal the Common Core education standards has passed out of committee and now awaits a possible vote on the Ohio House floor.

An Ohio House committee held a rare evening hearing on the Common Core education standards.

New language in a bill to repeal the Common Core is under fire by an organization that advocates for the teaching of evolution.

State of Ohio

More than a hundred people have participated in the argument over a repeal of the Common Core education standards. 

State of Ohio

Majority Republicans in the State Legislature have changed their bill to repeal the Common Core education standards.

Opponents of the education standards known as Common Core spent a week criticizing that set of standards while supporting a Republican bill to repeal it. 

Democrats have always hoped for a strong anti-incumbent sentiment in this year's gubernatorial election. There was a little of that at a very small campaign stop for Republican Governor John Kasich yesterday near Dayton. 

Andy Chow / OPR

Hearings were held at the Statehouse today on a Republican bill to repeal the Common Core education standards.

Common Core Repeal Gets Another Chance

Aug 18, 2014

Hearings are scheduled to begin today on a controversial second attempt to repeal the Common Core public education standards in Ohio. 

Backers of a new bill to repeal the Common Core education standards will try a new path through the legislature, after a previous repeal attempt stalled in committee.

Ohio House Lawmakers Poised To Repeal Common Core

Jul 29, 2014

Majority Republicans in the Ohio House are launching a push to repeal the Common Core learning standards by year's end, citing widespread discontent from parents, teachers and communities.

Ohio plans to give students new exams to measure achievement starting as soon as next year, and thousands of children will be testing those tests this spring. 

Common Core English Standards

Dec 16, 2013

Ohio schools are teaching to a new set of math and English standards called the Common Core.

The Common Core Debate

Oct 21, 2013

This year, Ohio joined most other states in adopting new standards for math and English in schools.

Some Legislators Look To Block Common Core Requirements

Jul 25, 2013

Some Ohio legislators are making a late play to block implementation of new math and English standards that schools are required to phase in starting this school year.

Rural Schools Struggle With Increased Computer Testing

Mar 25, 2013

Testing in schools is moving quickly from pencil and paper to computers.