Conceal Carry

Ohio lawmakers are looking at cutting the penalties for concealed-carry permit holders who fail to tell police they have a weapon when they're detained by authorities.

Ohio Public Radio

The Ohio House has approved a bill allowing licensed permit holders to carry concealed weapons into gun-free zones.

Ohio Public Radio

State lawmakers are considering a bill allowing people to carry concealed weapons into gun-free zones without being criminally liable.


Ohio's new concealed-carry law is now in effect.


Columbus police say an Ohio State University graduate student's death is being investigated as a drug-related incident.

Columbus Division of Police

Columbus police have released more details about the OSU student shot and killed early Thursday in the campus area.

Advocates on both sides of a proposed bill in the Ohio House to relax restrictions on gun-free zones are wasting no time in weighing in on yesterday's attack at Ohio State University by a knife wielding student. 

The Ohio House has approved a bill to expand the state's concealed weapons law to allow guns in places such as colleges and day cares and on private aircraft. 

A judge is giving a gun rights group more time to argue why its lawsuit challenging Ohio State University over its weapons ban shouldn't be dismissed.  

Proposed Changes To Gun Law Revives Familiar Debate

May 27, 2014

Another bill changing the state’s concealed-carry weapons law is before an Ohio Senate committee.