Constitutional Modernization Commission

A group that supports maintaining current term limits in Ohio is airing radio spots warning against an impending vote by state lawmakers to extend term limits - only no such vote is imminent.

The congressional redistricting proposal hit a snag right before taking the next step toward becoming a reality.

The lawmakers that pushed for state legislative redistricting reform now want to change the way congressional districts are drawn. Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow reports.  


Opponents are fighting a proposal extending term limits for state lawmakers from eight to 10 years.


State Auditor David Yost says he wants to make it harder to amend Ohio's constitution through ballot initiatives that provide economic benefits to few individuals or create monopolies.   

Lawmakers Working On New Redistricting Plan

Dec 2, 2014

A redistricting proposal is unlikely to be taken up in the lame duck session of the Ohio General Assembly this year, but one could be ready in time for the November 2015 elections.

The Constitutional Modernization Commission is examining how the state's founding document can resolve the ongoing school funding debate.

After years of complaints about the way the state’s Congressional and legislative districts are drawn, the Constitutional Modernization Commission - an appointed panel of current and former lawmakers and other officials - is looking over a plan to change it.

For months the Constitutional Modernization Commission, an appointed panel of lawmakers, former public officials and well-connected experts, has been meeting to talk about what should be changed in the state's founding document.

A panel of lawmakers and specially-selected citizens charged with recommending changes to the state constitution started a series of hearings this week.