Death Penalty

Ohio doesn’t have an execution scheduled for nine months, and the state doesn’t have the lethat injection  drugs necessary to carry it out.

The state has delayed execution dates for death row inmate because of a lack of lethal injection drugs. 

Death penalty opponents plan to walk from the prison where Ohio inmates are executed to the Statehouse as part of a capital punishment protest. 

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The Ohio Supreme Court will decide if a convicted killer who has already been through one execution attempt should be sentenced to die again.


The survivor of a murder victim who witnessed the killer’s execution now says he has second thoughts about capital punishment. 

A new bill in the Ohio legislature would hide from the public information about pharmacists, doctors, drug companies and drug ingredients. 

State of Ohio

After several years of multiple executions, one was carried out in Ohio this year.

A federal judge has extended a months-long moratorium on executions in Ohio as debate over the state's new two-drug combination continues. 

Defense attorneys and prosecutors are asking the Ohio Parole Board to commute the death sentence of a Cleveland man convicted of a 1983 murder. 

Four prosecutors on a task force that reviewed the death penalty in Ohio have released a report objecting to some of the recommendations the task force put out two weeks ago. 

A report by an anti-death penalty group criticizes the selectiveness of Ohio's capital punishment law, saying death sentences owe as much to an individual prosecutor's philosophy as the nature of the crime. 

There’s a proposal that would allow the state to sentence rapists to death without a murder charge.