Electronic Cigarettes

Hilliard City Council has approved an ordinance prohibiting smoking on all city-owned land including parks, parking lots and buildings.

A legislative panel in Ohio has approved a bill that would require liquid nicotine used in electronic cigarettes to be sold in child-resistant packaging.  

Ohio Public Radio

As electronic cigarettes are becoming more popular, the numbers of medical crises involving the liquid nicotine refills they use are rising dramatically. 

A bill introduced in the state legislature seeks to make sure that children cannot get into liquid used in electronic cigarettes. 

Ohio Governor John Kasich has signed a bill that aims to keep electronic cigarettes out of the hands of those under age 18.

The Ohio House has approved the Senate's version of a bill banning minors from buying, possessing or using electronic cigarettes.

Ohio Senate Approves Ban On Selling E-Cigs To Minors

Feb 14, 2014

The Ohio Senate has approved a measure banning the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors.

The Ohio House will soon open debate on a bill that would restrict the sale of e-cigarettes.