Elmwood Place

Ohio Senate Approves Traffic Camera Bill

Nov 20, 2014

The Ohio Senate has approved a bill requiring a police officer's presence for tickets to be issued from municipal traffic enforcement cameras.

Elmwood Place Must Repay Traffic Fines

Jan 24, 2014

Hamilton County judge Robert Ruehlman has ruled the village of Elmwood Place should wait to refund fines from speeding tickets issued through traffic cameras after its appeal is resolved.

Judge To Rule On Elmwood Place Traffic Camera Case

Jan 20, 2014

A Hamilton County judge is expected to rule Thursday in a lawsuit filed by motorists ticketed in the village of Elmwood Place by police using traffic enforcement cameras.

Coalition Fights Proposed Traffic Camera Ban

Nov 14, 2013

Supporters of red light cameras are mobilizing opposition against a ban on the technology.

Elmwood Place Mayor Stepping Down

Oct 3, 2013

The Mayor of the Southwest Ohio village of Elmwood Place is stepping down on Monday.

A Franklin County judge is being asked to shut down Columbus' traffic enforcement cameras.

SUPCO Upholds Order Banning Traffic Camera Use

Aug 8, 2013

The village of Elmwood Place has lost its bid to stop a judge from enforcing his ban on the use of traffic cameras to catch speeders while that order is appealed.

Judge Orders Seizure Of Village's Traffic Cameras

Jun 27, 2013

A Hamilton County judge has found the village of Elmwood Place in contempt of court, saying it violated his order against using traffic cameras to catch speeders.

The village of Elmwood Place in Southwest Ohio is down to two council members after the majority resigned.

The Ohio House will soon open debate on a bill that would ban traffic enforcement cameras statewide.

Elmwood Place Traffic Cameras Raise Revenue And Controversy

Jan 23, 2013

Installation of traffic cameras in a Cincinnati suburb have lead to an explosion of tickets -- and a lawsuit over constitutional issues.