The suspect in the murder of an elderly Cleveland man that was posted to Facebook over the weekend has shot and killed himself, after a police chase in Erie, Pennsylvania.  An alert McDonald's employee recognized 37-year old Steve Stephens when he pulled into a drive-thru this morning.  The restaurant manager tried to stall him while staff phoned police.   Stephens reportedly became nervous and drove off, but state police caught up with him and gave chase.  Authorities say Stephens shot and killed himself during the pursuit.  

A white Fairborn police officer accused of making an inappropriate comment about a Black Lives Matter activist who killed himself on the Statehouse steps has been fired.  

Kasich: Terhar Won't Lose Job Over Anti-gun Post

Jan 24, 2013

Ohio Governor John Kasich says state board of education president Debe Terhar should not lose her job over an anti-gun-control Facebook post that included a photo of Adolf Hitler.