Federal Aviation Administration

The north runway at the John Glenn Airport has reopened, following completion of a 17.3 million dollar improvement project.


The National Transportation Safety Board says pilot error during the approach to the Akron Fulton airport caused the crash that killed two pilots and seven passengers aboard a corporate jet last year.

Warren County Sheriff's deputies say two people were killed last night when a small plane crashed in a heavily wooded area in Turtlecreek Township.


Champaign County Sheriff's deputies say an ultralight glider crashed in Salem Township Saturday afternoon and the operator has not been found.

Detroit Free Press

Authorities say two people were killed when a small, experimental plane crashed in a cornfield Friday just outside of Springfield.


The Ohio Highway Patrol has identified the pilot of a single-engine aircraft that crashed on approach to the Greene County Regional airport in Xenia late Tuesday.

´╗┐The Ohio Highway Patrol says a single-engine aircraft crashed last night as it approached the Greene County Regional Airport in Xenia.


The National Transportation Safety Board says the cockpit voice recorder from a small jet that crashed into an apartment building in Akron this week captured the pilot and co-pilot discussing weather and landing conditions.

Dayton Company Gets Federal Drone Use Waiver

Dec 11, 2014

The Federal Aviation Administration has granted a Dayton company an exception to the current ban on drones not for government or recreational use.


The pilot and a passenger of a small, two-seat plane walked away from a crash landing without injury yesterday.

Two Injured In Helicopter Crash

Apr 25, 2014

The State Highway Patrol and federal authorities are searching for the cause of Thursday's crash of a small, privately owned helicopter into a field in Union County.

The Federal Aviation Administration has awarded more than four-million-dollars in grants to improve runways, fencing and other safety and security measures at the Dayton Airport.

Port Columbus officials will open a new south runway today.

Cuayhoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald says he will appeal the loss of the County Airport control tower to the Federal Aviation Administration and a federal appeals court.

The FAA has given the Medina County sheriff's office permission to use drones to search for missing people or fugitives.