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Authorities say two people were killed when a small, experimental plane crashed in a cornfield Friday just outside of Springfield.


The Ohio Highway Patrol has identified the pilot of a single-engine aircraft that crashed on approach to the Greene County Regional airport in Xenia late Tuesday.

´╗┐The Ohio Highway Patrol says a single-engine aircraft crashed last night as it approached the Greene County Regional Airport in Xenia.


The National Transportation Safety Board says the cockpit voice recorder from a small jet that crashed into an apartment building in Akron this week captured the pilot and co-pilot discussing weather and landing conditions.

Dayton Company Gets Federal Drone Use Waiver

Dec 11, 2014

The Federal Aviation Administration has granted a Dayton company an exception to the current ban on drones not for government or recreational use.


The pilot and a passenger of a small, two-seat plane walked away from a crash landing without injury yesterday.

Two Injured In Helicopter Crash

Apr 25, 2014

The State Highway Patrol and federal authorities are searching for the cause of Thursday's crash of a small, privately owned helicopter into a field in Union County.

The Federal Aviation Administration has awarded more than four-million-dollars in grants to improve runways, fencing and other safety and security measures at the Dayton Airport.

Port Columbus officials will open a new south runway today.

Cuayhoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald says he will appeal the loss of the County Airport control tower to the Federal Aviation Administration and a federal appeals court.

The FAA has given the Medina County sheriff's office permission to use drones to search for missing people or fugitives.