Akron-based FirstEnergy is planning to either sell or close all of its power plants in Ohio and Pennsylvania. 


Consumer groups are appealing the Public Utility Commission of Ohio's decision to increase rates to guaranteed profits for Akron-based FirstEnergy's coal-fired and nuclear power plants.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission says the controversial power purchase agreements allowing two Ohio utilities to impose short-term rate increases cannot take effect until the agency approves them.

PUCO Approves Utilities Plan To Raise Rates To Subsidize Older Plants

Mar 31, 2016

State regulators have approved a pair of deals that allow FirstEnergy and AEP to impose multi-billion dollar rate increases on electricity customers to subsidize some older coal-fired and nuclear power plants.

Regulators Set To Vote On Rate Hike For AEP And First energy

Mar 30, 2016

State regulators are set to vote tomorrow on a multi-billion-dollar rate hike proposal from two electric utilities that critics call a coal plant bailout.

Alternative energy supporters have organized a campaign against two proposed agreements that they call coal-plant bailouts.

Ohio Citizen Action

Utilities, energy officials and environmental advocates are debating a proposal that would set the stage for the future of energy in Ohio.

Akron-based FirstEnergy says the Davis-Besse nuclear power plant that was shut down Saturday night due to a steam leak has resumed operations.

Akron-based FirstEnergy is pushing a plan that would result in higher electric bills for the next three years. 


A nuclear power plant has been shut down after a steam leak was found in a non-radioactive portion of the plant in northwest Ohio.

FirstEnergy Says Davis-Besse Is Safe

Sep 9, 2014

Akron-based FirstEnergy says cracks in the concrete shield that protects the Davis-Besse nuclear power plant near Toledo have grown since they were first found three years ago.

Work is underway to find the source of a power outage in Franklin County.

Akron-based FirstEnergy has been leading the fight to weaken the state's renewable energy standards.

Utility Wants Changes In Energy Standards

Nov 8, 2013

Akron-based FirstEnergy has been advocating for changes to the state's energy efficiency standards.

More Cracks Found At Davis-Besse

Sep 24, 2013

Akron-based FirstEnergy says workers have found more cracks in the concrete building housing the reactor of the Davis-Besse nuclear power plant near Toledo.

A report by an environmental group ranks Ohio second in the nation for the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by coal-fired power plants.

This week marks the tenth anniversary of the Great Northeast Blackout.

PUCO Orders Repayment Of Renewable Energy Overcharges

Aug 8, 2013

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio has ordered Akron-based FirstEnergy to credit 43.3 million dollars to 2 million customers overcharged by the utitity for renewable energy purchases.

PUCO Delays Vote On Energy Rebates

Aug 1, 2013

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio has delayed action in a case potentially affecting 96 to 126 million dollars in rebates of renewable energy overcharges to customers of Akron-based FirstEnergy.

Akron-based FirstEnergy plans to close two coal-fired power plants in Pennsylvania rather than install 270 million dollars worth of pollution control equipment to meet tougher federal mercury emission standards.