Vienna Township residents are waiting to hear from state environmental officials whether their drinking water is safe following a spill of 2 thousand gallons of fracking chemicals at an injection well facility.

Jim Letizia

Plans to allow fracking in state parks appear to be dead for now. 

The state says oil and gas production rose in the fourth quarter.

The Ohio Supreme Court’s decision that local communities can’t use zoning ordinances to keep out oil and gas drillers has communities, activists and lobbyists speculating on what it might mean for the future.


The Ohio Supreme Court says state oil and gas drilling regulations supersede local zoning laws.

Ohio Governor John Kasich’s plan to increase the severance tax is getting some support from an unlikely source


Several anti-fracking measures were on local ballots Tuesday.


Activists in Columbus are trying to stop fracking and fracking waste with a measure they hope to get onto the May ballot.

400 homes in Jefferson County were evacuated after a nearby fracking operation sprung a leak and began shooting invisible gaseous discharge into the air. 

Groundwater pollution has been at the heart of the debate over fracking. Now, a study led by an Ohio State University researcher offers some insights about the risk. 

Few Ohioans Purchasing Earthquake Insurance

Sep 18, 2014

Several Ohio Earthquakes have been linked to fracking, but Ohioans so far have mostly passed on purchasing earthquake insurance.


The Coshocton man who uses a biblical reference and a statement against "poisoned waters" on anti-fracking billboards near two wells for fracking waste disposal says the messages are coming down.

State regulators in Ohio have suspended operations at two deep injection wells for fracking wastewater in northeast Ohio after discovering possible evidence the operation caused a 2.1-magnitude earthquake on Sunday. 


Activists in Columbus are trying to stop fracking and fracking waste with a local ballot issue.

Sunday Earthquake May Be Linked To Fracking

Sep 4, 2014

State regulators and independent scientists are working to determine whether an earthquake in Weathersfield on Sunday has any connection to nearby fracking wells.

Brine Company Sues Over Anti-Fracking Billboard

Aug 20, 2014

An eastern Ohio man who uses a biblical reference and a statement against "poisoned waters" on billboards opposing a deep-injection well is facing a legal threat from the well's Texas operator.   

ODNR Says Shale Drilling Industry Coming Of Age

Jul 2, 2014

The natural gas boom is still pushing an industry that’s growing in Ohio -- not only attracting oil and gas companies but other businesses that benefit from shale production.

Group Revives Debate Over ODNR Fracking Strategy

Jun 20, 2014

An environmental group is rekindling debate over the controversial communications strategy the state crafted with oil and gas drillers about fracking on on state-owned land.

Ohio Studying Fracking-Related Earthquakes

Jun 12, 2014

Ohio is leading a group of drilling states working with seismology experts at energy companies, government agencies and universities on how best to detect and regulate human-induced earthquakes.

Ohio House Approves Severance Tax Bill

May 15, 2014

The Ohio House has approved legislation raising the severance tax on oil and gas drilling.