Global Climate Change

The livelihoods of farmers and ranchers are intimately tied to weather and the environment. But they may not be able to depend on research conducted by the government to help them adapt to climate change if the Trump administration follows through on campaign promises to shift federal resources away from studying the climate.

The National Weather Service says central Ohio set a high-temperature record last month.

Demonstrations will be held this weekend in Columbus and nearly 500 other cities around the world to promote awareness of and investments in science. 

Two national-security experts say the Trump administration's attack on programs designed to slow global climate change will destabilize countries, especially in the Middle East, and threaten U.S. military facilities at home and abroad.

A new study by the Trust for America's Health shows Ohio is ill-prepared for a potential healthcare emergency.


Environmental advocates in Columbus are pushing for greater investment in clean, climate-friendly transportation.

Ohio Public Radio

The Obama Administration's plan to fight climate change is being challenged in federal court by Republican-led governments in several states, including Ohio. 


"The Old Farmer's Almanac" predicting a mixed bag of weather this winter in central Ohio.


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has finalized a rule to cut methane emissions from oil and gas production by nearly half over the next decade.

For the third consecutive year, Franklin County's air quality gets a failing grade.

A new Illinois State University report says temperatures in the world's lakes are rising more than in the oceans or the atmosphere - which could worsen problems such as algae blooms and oxygen-deprived dead zones.

Ohio Public Radio

Two groups have released a study on the nation's preparedness for climate change-related weather events showing Ohio is not ready for what could come in the next decades.

Though there’s some controversy in Ohio around energy standards and proposals, a national group calling for attention to climate change says the state has the power to shift federal policy and demand clean energy development. 

Ohio Caught Between ALEC And Tech Companies

Oct 9, 2014

Many large tech companies are breaking away from a national organization geared towards writing business-friendly legislation for state-level lawmakers, most of whom are conservative Republicans.


Carbon emitting vehicles are among the primary sources of the greenhouse gases that fuel global climate change.

Climate Change Fueling UD's Divestment Decision

Jun 24, 2014

The University of Dayton says it will begin divesting coal and fossil fuels from its 670 million dollar investment portfolio, hoping to spark discussion about how the use of fossil fuels affects global climate change.

Many utility companies and other businesses are critical of the Obama administration's recently-announced goal of cutting carbon emissions from power plants by 30 percent from 2005 levels over the next 16 years.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

A report by the National Wildlife Federation shows global climate change makes it harder for many animals to raise their young and keep them well fed and healthy.

An intergovernmental panel says the world continues dealing with the impacts of global climate change.

Ice Covers 87 Percent Of The Great Lakes

Feb 14, 2014

The Great Lakes are almost completely covered with ice for the first time in 20 years.