Miami University has indefinitely suspended all activities by fraternities amid an investigation of several hazing incidents.

Ohio State University has indefinitely suspended another fraternity for hazing and alcohol violations allegedly committed after the school issued a temporary ban on activities last fall.

Nearly all the 37 Ohio State University fraternities whose activities were suspended in November due to hazing and alcohol allegations have been cleared to resume recruitment and, in many cases, social events.

An Ohio State University fraternity has been suspended three years for hazing and alcohol violations.

Ohio State University has suspended activities by all fraternities because of numerous investigations facing several houses.

The son of former Ohio State football star Chris Spielman is among five players on the Wheaton College football team in Illinois facing charges for a hazing incident last year.

A visiting judge has denied a motion by the University of Dayton to dismiss a lawsuit filed by a former football player claiming the school covered up allegations of team hazing by not disclosing a campus police investigation to local law enforcement.

Miami University in Oxford has revamped its Greek Life system after suspending three fraternities and putting several others on probation for hazing, alcohol and drug violations this year.

Miami University in Oxford has suspended another fraternity after investigating allegations of hazing.

A dozen Miami University fraternities and sororities are under investigation for hazing.

An Ohio State University sorority has been suspended because of hazing allegations.

An Ohio State University sorority is under investigation for hazing. 

Six fraternity members at a northeast Ohio university have been charged after a hazing investigation.