Infant Mortality

Mike Foley

Central Ohio officials say they've made progress in the effort to reduce the region's infant mortality rate but stress it will take time and continued collective focus to see greater results.

A panel studying Ohio's infant mortality problem is recommending state lawmakers increase the tobacco tax and raise the legal age of possessing tobacco to 21.

Mike Foley

Central Ohio officials have announced a significant expansion of the effort to reduce the region's infant mortality rate.

Mike Foley

Columbus health professionals and parents of stillborn children have established a standardized method of care for families dealing with the death of an infant.

Ohio health leaders say their effort to bring down the infant mortality rate is working but they still have a long way to go. 

State Lawmakers Working To Combat Infant Mortality

Nov 20, 2014

Ohio's infant mortality rate ranks near the bottom among the states.

Columbus City Council last night approved a five year tax break for an internet company to retain and create jobs at a downtown building.

Columbus city officials have created a task force to help deal with the region's high infant mortality rate. Now, five bills designed to combat the problem statewide have been introduced in the legislature. 

Columbus City Council has announced the formation of a task force designed to find ways to lower the infant mortality rates in the city and Franklin County.

Health officials say Ohio has one of the highest rates of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome in the nation.