WCBE/Richelle Antczak McCuen

Thanks again to everyone who supported the station during our recent membership campaign. We still have $23,497.50 left to raise. If you haven't donated to WCBE in the past 6 months, please do so today and support a service you USE and VALUE.

In addition to saying "thank you", I'd like to say "congratulations" to the hundreds of people who entered our Festival Ticket Giveaways and iPad Mini Giveaways. Here is a complete list of our winners and why they choose to support WCBE!


iPad Mini Giveaway Update: The winner of our iPad Mini Giveaway, held yesterday 4/26 during the last day of our spring drive, has been selected. 

This giveaway is for all you procrastinators out there! Today is the last day of our on-air fundraiser, and as of this morning we have $58,834.80 left to raise by 7pm today. Chornyak & Associates has once again come forward to inspire you to donate by giving away an iPad Mini to one lucky listener. 

Congratulations to renewing member, Roger Byers! He is the winner of our iPad Mini Giveaway #2, held on Wednesday, April 24th during on our spring on-air fundraiser.  


We had such a great response to our iPad Mini Giveaway on Monday, we thought we would do another one!

Congratulations to renewing member, Rachel Clark! She is the winner of our iPad Mini Giveaway, held on Monday, April 22nd during on our spring on-air fundraiser.  

Make a donation today before 3pm and you’ll automatically be entered into our iPad Mini Giveaway, sponsored by Chornyak & Associates.