Issue 2

Less than 30 percent of Ohio registered voters cast ballots in the November election, which featured the most expensive ballot issue in Ohio history.

The debate over Issue 2 stirred a fight over the rising cost of drug prices and if the proposal would actually bring those prices down. It was a fight that ultimately became the most expensive ballot campaign in Ohio history.

Ohio Public Radio

The amount of money being spent by drug companies to defeat Issue 2, the Drug Price Relief Act, has broken the state's record for a ballot issue.

A member of the famed Tuskegee Airmen is joining other veterans in supporting a fall ballot measure forcing state agencies to purchase drugs at prices paid by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Not only did Issue 3’s pot legalization measure get shot down but voters also passed Issue 2, which was created to counter 3 if it passed. 

Issue 2 on the November ballot is often associated with how it will impact the ballot issue to legalize marijuana.

Issue 2 - also known as the "anti-monopoly" amendment - will be decided by Ohio voters next week.  If the measure passes, it might be the beginning of a long legal battle. 

Issue 2 on this November’s statewide ballot would make it harder for any group to create a new tax rate or monopoly through the constitution, but opponents say it puts up too many hurdles between citizens and the ballot. 

Campaign finance reports show opponents of a fall ballot issue rewriting Ohio's redistricting process have outraised supporters by nearly 2-1.

The group that’s backing a proposed change to Ohio’s constitution over redistricting is putting ads on the air statewide…..three weeks after the group opposing the change first put their spots out. Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles reports.

State Issue 2 on the November ballot has strong coaltions of supporters and opponents.

The Ohio elections commission has now approved a settlement between backers of the group pushing the redistricting issue on the November ballot, the Ohio Republican Party, and another opposition group.

The Ohio Elections Commission has found probable cause that a mailer paid for by the Ohio Republican Party violates state election law.