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Social networking giant Facebook will build a new 970 thousnd square foot data center in New Albany, with the help of local and state tax breaks.

Ohio Public Radio

Ohio Governor John Kasich says 700 new jobs are coming to the Dublin area.

State of Ohio

Ohio Governor John Kasich will join a delegation of state officials and business leaders this Wednesday on an economic development trip to Japan.

Ohio Public Radio

The state's semi-private economic development agency JobsOhio says last year, the fewest number of jobs were created since 2013.

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Ohio Governor John Kasich say an automotive testing facility near Columbus will get a 45 million dollar grant to expand as the state attempts to become a  leader in autonomous vehicle research and smart road technology. 

The Ohio Supreme Court has rejected another legal challenge to JobsOhio, the state's privatized job-creation agency, saying the plaintiff lacks standing to sue.

The quasi-public economic development agency JobsOhio claims to have created a record of more than 23 thousand jobs last year.

A progressive-leaning campaign watchdog group is accusing allies of Republican Ohio Governor John Kasich of breaking elections and ethics laws to donate to Kasich's super PAC. 

Ohio Public Radio

Amazon has announced a Midwest expansion in central Ohio that will include one thousand well-paying jobs over the next several years. 

Ohio's semi-private economic development entity reports it created more than 21 thousand jobs last year.

The Ohio Department of Commerce says total liquor sales in the state rose last year to a record level.

Republican Ohio Governor John Kasich says he plans to push against political adversaries during his second term, as he tries to enact restrictions on charter schools and reach a satisfactory compromise on renewable-energy mandates.

SUPCO Justice Talks Same-Sex Marriage, JobsOhio

Nov 14, 2014

Ohio Supreme Court Justice Paul Pfeifer says language on same-sex marriage, pro or con, does not belong in the state Constitution.

The Ohio Ethics Commission has ruled a tax break deal struck last year with Findlay-based Marathon Petroleum posed a potential conflict of interest for two directors of JobsOhio, the privatized economic-development entity spearheaded by Republican Governor John Kasich.

A coalition of gambling interests is citing a recent Ohio Supreme Court decision involving Governor John Kasich's privatized job-creation agency, JobsOhio, as grounds to dismiss a separate lawsuit challenging video lottery terminals at horse tracks.

Two weeks after the Ohio Supreme Court threw out a constitutional challenge against JobsOhio, another attorney is trying a complex tactic to get the court to consider the question. 

Ohio Supreme Court Rules On Standing And JobsOhio

Jun 11, 2014

The Ohio Supreme Court’s decision on JobsOhio doesn’t say anything about whether the legislature’s creation of that public-private entity was constitutional. 

Ohio House Democrats Push For Transparency Measures

Mar 19, 2014

Minority Democrats in the state legislature have long called for more transparency from Majority Republicans and GOP Governor John Kasich.

Cookie Maker Gets State, Local Tax Breaks

Feb 20, 2014

The flower-selling company that owns Cheryl’s Cookies is expanding its facility in Westerville.

A group critical of Governor John Kasich's private job creation entity, JobsOhio, says the California venture capitalist that served as its first president may have used that position to set himself up for a big payday in the future.

State Auditor Releases Long-Awaited JobsOhio Report

Nov 21, 2013

State Auditor Dave Yost has completed his audit of the state’s non profit job creation company, JobsOhio.

Karen Kasler / OPR

The Ohio Supreme Court heard arguments Wednesday over who may file a lawsuit to settle the question of whether the state's job creation entity, JobsOhio, is constitutional.

Ohio House Democrats Push Package Of Government Reforms

Oct 29, 2013

Democrats in the Ohio House are advocating a package of proposals they say would make state government more accessible and accountable.

A spokesperson says the former head of Ohio Governor John Kasich's job-creation entity JobsOhio approached the state's largest pension fund seeking private investment business but was rejected.

Despite State Tax Break, Verizon Cutting Jobs

Oct 1, 2013

More than 300 jobs will be lost in the consolidation of a wireless voice and data business that received a tax credit recommended by JobsOhio, the state's privatized nonprofit job creation board.

The Ohio Ethics Commission has warned six of nine directors of JobsOhio's board their business interests raise potential conflicts of interest.

The Ohio Ethics Commission has found possible conflicts-of-interest by employees of JobsOhio, the private jobs entity created by Republican Ohio Governor John Kasich.

State Auditor Says JobsOhio Audit Will Be Ready In October

Sep 12, 2013

Ohio’s Auditor Dave Yost says he still wants some answers about how JobsOhio, the state’s private non-profit job creation company, is spending its money.

Dem Gubernatorial Candidate Details Proposal For JobsOhio

Sep 9, 2013

The Democrat who seeks to unseat Ohio Governor John Kasich next year says the state's privatized job-creation office needs stronger ethics and transparency rules to protect against conflicts of interest and corruption.

Democrat Wants To Rush JobsOhio Audit

Sep 3, 2013

Democrats are hammering on the Governor’s public-private job creating entity as another law related to JobsOhio takes effect. Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler has the latest.