Dems Want IG To Probe JobsOhio

Aug 27, 2013

Two Democratic state lawmakers are asking Ohio Inspector General Randall Meyer to investigate possible conflicts of interest at Republican Governor John Kasich's private job-creation entity, JobsOhio.

SUPCO Sets Date To Hear JobsOhio Challenge

Aug 23, 2013

The Republican-controlled Ohio Supreme Court has set a November 6th date to hear oral arguments over whether opponents of JobsOhio have the standing to sue.

Recent controversy involving Governor Kasich’s deferred compensation payments from a company that has received money through JobsOhio has prompted some Democratic State Representatives to propose a new bill.

Democrats Want Closer Scrutiny Of Tax Credit Recipients

Aug 19, 2013

Democrats are continuing to sound off about a recent report that Columbus-based Worthington Industries received more than 600-thousand dollars worth of state tax credits under Governor John Kasich, who received a salary as a board member and deferred compensation payouts from that company.

Local Kasich Supporter Got State Tax Breaks

Aug 15, 2013

Two subsidiaries of Columbus-based Worthington Industries - which helped sustain Republican Ohio Governor John Kasich's political career and contributed to his personal bank account - have received tax breaks worth more than 619 thousand dollars.

Another JobsOhio Legal Challenge

Aug 9, 2013

An attorney who played a leading role in a legal challenge of Governor John Kasich's private job-creation entity has filed her own constitutional challenge against JobsOhio with the state Supreme Court.

The southwestern Ohio community of Wilmington is a little closer to recovering the thousands of jobs lost with the departure of DHL a few years ago.

An investigative report shows the majority of members on the state’s private job development company board, JobsOhio, are invested with businesses that are receiving state incentives through that organization.

Six of nine board members at JobsOhio, Governor John Kasich's privatized job creation entity, have ties to companies that received tax credits or other assistance since Kasich took office in 2011.

Two Former Lawmakers Want JobsOhio Lawsuit Blocked

Jun 25, 2013

Two former Republican state lawmakers who helped make the job-creation entity JobsOhio a reality tell the Ohio Supreme Court a lawsuit against the agency should not be allowed to proceed.

Receipts show an affiliate of Ohio's job-creation agency JobsOhio spent 15 thousand taxpayer dollars for a Dayton-area development agency to help underwrite the 2012 NCAA basketball game attended by Governor John Kasich, President Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron.

State Auditor David Yost yesterday made his first public comments about the newly-passed measure that blocks his authority to audit JobsOhio.

Yost Gets Backing Of Senate Democrats

May 31, 2013

A day after a measure blocking the Republican State Auditor from auditing Governor John Kasich's private job creation entity JobsOhio passed the Ohio House, Auditor David Yost got some support from members of the opposition party in the Senate.

Committee Approves JobsOhio Clarification

May 30, 2013

An Ohio House committee has approved a bill seeking to clear up a controversy over Governor John Kasich's job creation entity JobsOhio.

Ohio House Dems Call For Reporting Reforms For JobsOhio

May 23, 2013

Democrats in the Ohio House are proposing a series of reforms they say will make Gov. John Kasich's private nonprofit job-creation office, JobsOhio, more accountable to the public.

Cupp's Job Raising Ethical Questions

May 7, 2013

Former Republican Ohio Supreme Court Justice Robert Cupp's new job is raising ethical issues in the legal battle over GOP Governor John Kasich's nonprofit job-creation agency JobsOhio.

Effort To Force JobsOhio Officials To Testify Fails

Mar 22, 2013

Ohio House Democrats failed yesterday in their attempt to force leaders of JobsOhio to appear before a state legislative panel amid questions over the nonprofit job creation entity's spending.

JobsOhio Complies With Subpoena

Mar 19, 2013

Ohio's private non-profit job creation agency says it complied with the subpoena issued by State Auditor David Yost to turn over its private financial records.

The dispute over the State Auditor's authority to audit the financial records of the governor's public-private job creation entity JobsOhio continues, as the deadline to meet a subpoena looms.

The continuing questions surrounding transparency at Governor John Kasich's job-creating entity JobsOhio came up again in a routine meeting Monday that ended with a statement that shocked many observers.

Yost Wants To Audit JobsOhio

Mar 8, 2013

Many Democrats in the state legislature have been raising questions about public money put into the state's private non profit jobs development corporation, JobsOhio.

JobsOhio Adding Staff

Feb 7, 2013

The private, nonprofit job-creation agency JobsOhio is doubling its staff and expanding its outreach efforts now that it's gone to market with a 1.5 billion dollar bond sale.

Kasich Denounces Critics of JobsOhio

Jan 31, 2013

Ohio’s Republican Governor John Kasich had harsh words Thursday for Democrats and other critics of the new privatized economic development agency called Jobs Ohio.

Ohio Supreme Court Will Hear Case Against JobsOhio

Jan 23, 2013

The Ohio Supreme Court will take up the case against Ohio’s non profit, private job creation corporation, JobsOhio. ProgressOhio, a liberal leaning advocacy group, has been trying to get the state’s highest court to accept the case.

Lawsuit challenging JobsOhio rejected

Jun 14, 2012

A state appeals court has rejected a lawsuit aimed at halting the activities of Ohio Governor John Kasich's new private job-creation entity called JobsOhio.