John Glenn

The Friends of Hocking Hills State Park organization says the John Glenn Astronomy Park will officially open on the evening of June 21.

Operators of the planned John Glenn Astronomy Park in Hocking Hills say the facility will open next Spring.

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State lawmakers have been working to find ways to cut 800 million dollars from the two-year state budget bill.

The Air Force says it will investigate an incident in which an employee at the Dover Air Force Base mortuary allegedly offered to show John Glenn's remains to Defense Department inspectors.

As part of a new policy, an inspection team completed a weeklong review of the mortuary at Dover in March.

During the inspection, according to an Air Force spokesman, "someone reportedly offered to show the remains of Sen. John Glenn to DoD inspectors."

An International Space Station supply ship named for the late former astronaut and U.S. Senator John Glenn of Ohio blasted off from Cape Canaveral, Florida yesterday.

A non-profit organization says it has raised enough money to build an observatory and astronomy park named for the late astronaut John Glenn, who become the first American to orbit the earth 55 years ago Tuesday.

Vice President Joe Biden says former U.S. Senator and space pioneer John Glenn "defined what it meant to be an American."

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Ohioans from all over the state have converged on the Statehouse today to pay their respects to American icon John Glenn, who lies in response in the Capitol’s Rotunda.

Former astronaut John Glenn will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

Fighter pilot, astronaut and former US Senator John Glenn has passed away.

Senator, Astronaut, Ohioan John Glenn Dead At Age 95

Dec 8, 2016

Former astronaut and U.S. Sen. John Glenn has died in Ohio. He was 95.

An Ohio State University official says 95-year-old former astronaut and U.S. Senator John Glenn has been hospitalized for more than a week.

In-flight instructions used by astronaut John Glenn during his historic 1962 Mercury 6 spaceflight have been sold at auction. 

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State lawmakers approved a slew of measures yesterday before leaving for summer break.

State lawmakers are considering a bill changing the name of  Port Columbus to John Glenn International Airport.

The Ohio House has approved a bill seeking to raise awareness about communication disorders.

Two Ohio lawmakers want to create an awareness day about communication disorders and name it for the wife of former astronaut and former Democratic U.S. Senator John Glenn of Ohio.

Former astronauts, political and business leaders, and family and friends gathered in suburban Cincinnati this morning to mourn and celebrate the life of Neil Armstrong.