Josh Mandel

Republican State Treasurer and U.S Senate candidate Josh Mandel says changes are needed in Washington to push action on the budget deficit and national debt.

Mandel promises to limit term

Sep 25, 2012

Republican Josh Mandel says he would limit himself to two terms in office if elected as a U.S. Senator.

Some Ohio veterans are speaking out against fellow vet and current Republican U.S. Senate candidate Josh Mandel.

Romney Woos Coal Votes in Eastern Ohio

Aug 14, 2012

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has promised voters in coal-rich eastern Ohio that America won't have to buy oil from Venezuela or the Middle East by the time his second term ends in 2021.  

U-S Senator Sherrod Brown got an endorsement last week that he hopes will help him defeat Republican challenger Josh Mandel this fall. Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles reports.

Ohio's largest police union has thrown its support behind democratic incumbent Sherrod Brown in the state's closely watched campaign for U.S. Senate. It marks the first time in 24 years the fraternal order of police has endorsed a democrat for senate. In a statement, president Jay McDonald cited Brown's opposition to the governor's collective bargaining overhaul as a key factor in its endorsement. The FOP chose brown over republican opponent and state treasurer Josh Mandel. The race continues to draw attention in and outside of The Buckeye State. And as Ohio Public Radio's Karen Kasler reports, it's already setting records.