Lake Erie

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration researchers say Lake Erie could see one of the most severe outbreaks of toxic algae blooms this summer.

AG Investigating Bottled Water Price Gouging In Toledo

Aug 5, 2014

Toledo Mayor Michael Collins has lifted the water ban put in place because of toxins from algae that contaminated Lake Erie.

Toledo Mayor Michael Collins this morning lifted the water ban that left 400,000 Ohio and Michigan residents scrambling for water for drinking, cooking and bathing.

State Lawmakers are considering a bill creating new farm fertilizer regulations.

A bipartisan group of Ohio lawmakers plans to make Lake Erie the focus of discussions next year.

A new report by the National Wildlife Federation says climate change-related temperature increases would destroy half of Lake Erie's fish habitats by the end of the century.

Several groups and Great Lakes states are working to protect their bodies of water from the Asian carp.

Nearly a century after they died when their floating lighthouse sank in Lake Erie during a violent storm, six American servicemen are being honored by a Canadian community.

Cleveland city officials say a submarine memorial will remain on the shore of Lake Erie.