Lead contamination

Ohio Governor John Kasich has signed a bill requiring public water systems to alert residents faster when high lead levels are detected. 

State lawmakers could vote this week on a plan requiring public water systems to alert residents within two days after high levels of lead are detected.


Water fixtures in the Granville Exempted Village school district will be replaced after testing found elevated levels of lead.

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency has fired two employees and demoted a third over their handling of lead contamination in Sebring's drinking water.

Recent lead contamination in water systems in Sebring, Ohio and  Flint, Michigan, are prompting Democratic U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio to co-sponsor legislation aimed at alerting communities faster when their water supply is contaminated.

Cleanup Underway for Former Moraine Junkyard

Apr 29, 2013

Federal and state environmental officials are working to clean up a site in Moraine containing rusted drums of arsenic and lead that could affect the region's drinking water.