When Ohio voters go to the polls next month, they’ll be voting on a proposed constitutional amendment that could legalize marijuana. But that won’t be the only issue on the ballot. 

Working under a tight deadline, the Ohio Ballot Board on Friday approved new language for a marijuana legalization amendment that will appear on ballots as Issue 3.

Republican Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted has expressed interest in becoming governor.

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The Ohio Ballot Board has approved the language for three issues voters will decide this fall. 

Ohio voters will have the chance to decide this fall whether marijuana should be legalized for medicinal and recreational use.  

The group that wants to put a marijuana legalization plan before voters this fall is in the process of collecting roughly 40,000 additional valid petition signatures to be able to do that.

The group working to get a marijuana legalization issue on the fall ballot has passed the next step in a separate effort to have some related crimes expunged.

State lawmakers have sent a proposal to the fall ballot that would ban constitutional monopolies, an effort with the potential to scuttle marijuana legalization in the state. 

A group that wants to put a marijuana legalization plan on this fall’s ballot has turned in its petition signatures to the Ohio Secretary of State’s office. 

Possible Anti-Monopoly Ballot Issue Could Trump Pot Vote

Jun 29, 2015

An Ohio Senate panel is weighing potential changes to an anti-monopoly proposal that potentially could block marijuana legalization this fall. 

The Ohio Ballot Board has cleared a marijuana legalization amendment for the November 2016 ballot. The board has certified the measure as a single ballot issue.

The Ohio House has approved a resolution designed to block an effort to put marijuana legalization measures before voters.

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Voter registrations collected by a marijuana legalization campaign are to be closely scrutinized for potential fraud under orders of Republican Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted.

Republican Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters, who heads a task force on marijuana legalization, says his group has conducted an analysis of the potential impacts of decriminalization.

Backers of an effort to legalize medicinal and recreational marijuana use say they have collected more than enough valid petition signatures to qualify for the 2015 ballot.

The possibility of a state constitutional amendment to legalize marijuana and create 10 official growing sites has critics saying it's time to change the way amendments are brought to voters.

Republican Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has rejected a petition for the third proposed constitutional amendment to legalize marijuana, saying the proposed summary of the so-called Cannabis Control Amendment contains too many inconsistencies regarding restrictions on minors.


State Auditor David Yost says he wants to make it harder to amend Ohio's constitution through ballot initiatives that provide economic benefits to few individuals or create monopolies.   

The Ohio Ballot Board has approved language in a second amendment that would legalize marijuana use.


Another marijuana legalization effort in Ohio has missed its initial state hurdle.