Medicaid expansion

Kasich Wants Some Medicaid Recipients To Pay More

Mar 30, 2016

Republican Governor John Kasich's administration is moving forward with plans to require more than 1 million low-income Ohioans to pay a new monthly cost for Medicaid or potentially lose coverage. 

Allies of Republican Ohio Governor and presidential candidate John Kasich have filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission over a new attack ad funded by a group that does not disclose its donors.

State of Ohio

Ohio Governor John Kasich's third state budget plan unveiled yesterday brings back some proposals budget watchers and state lawmakers have seen before.

When Ohio expanded Medicaid last fall, Governor John Kasich estimated as many as 330 thousand more people would take advantage. 

More Ohioans Enroll In Medicaid

Feb 14, 2014

23 thousand newly eligible low-income Ohioans enrolled in Medicaid last month, as part of an expansion of the program promoted by Governor John Kasich.

Over 54-thousand Ohioans Use Website To Apply For Medicaid

Jan 29, 2014

Ohio officials say they've received more than 54,000 applications from people seeking Medicaid health coverage through a new state website.

Ohio officials say they've received more than 17,000 applications from people seeking Medicaid health coverage through a new state website.

Ruling Sets Future For Medicaid Expansion

Dec 23, 2013

Now that the Ohio Supreme Court has made a decision on Medicaid expansion, it appears it’s here to stay - at least for now.

Supporters of extending Medicaid have abandoned an effort that could have put the issue before Ohio voters, because they say two actions by state officials made expansion a reality.

State attorneys say an Ohio legislative panel acted consistently with state law and standard practice when it approved funding an expansion of the Medicaid program last month.

Ohio senators have approved a bill to place limits on a legislative board that had a key role in the state's expansion of Medicaid.

The state says 366 thousand low-income Ohioans who are newly eligible for coverage under Medicaid expansion may start signing up on December 9th.

Debate Continues Over How To Use Medicaid Expansion Surplus

Nov 13, 2013

Ohio is expected to have a surplus of 400 million dollars as a result of expanding Medicaid.

The fight over Medicaid expansion has shown a deep split between Republicans who support Gov. Kasich on the issue and those who oppose his decision to go ahead with it.

As Ohio prepares to expand Medicaid, there are questions about who will benefit and whether taxpayers should get a tax cut.

Law Professor Thinks Medicaid Expansion Will Stand

Oct 24, 2013

Ohio Governor John Kasich's decision to sidestep the legislature and use the state Controlling Board to expand Medicaid has Tea Party-backed critics mounting a legal challenge.

When Medicaid expansion was discussed in recent months, advocates said it would allow coverage for 275 thousand low-income Ohioans.

One of the Republican Senators who voted to allow the state to accept two and a half billion federal dollars for Medicaid expansion has introduced a bill to give Ohioans a tax break.

Conservative Groups Sue State Over Medicaid Expansion Plan

Oct 22, 2013

Anti-abortion groups and six Republican lawmakers in Ohio are suing the state over a move to fund an expansion of the Medicaid health program.

Controlling Board Approves Medicaid Expansion

Oct 22, 2013

The State Controlling Board has approved expanding Medicaid to cover thousands more low-income Ohioans.