State Rebids Medicaid Contracts

Jul 5, 2013

Many Ohioans on Medicaid will see a revamped program under new contracts with health plans taking effect this month.

Debate Over Medicaid Expansion In Ohio

Apr 29, 2013

Ohio’s lawmakers are studying ways to change Ohio’s Medicaid program so that it can operate efficiently under new federal standards.

Ohio Governor John Kasich is asking supporters of the state's food banks to help him convince his fellow Republicans in the Legislature to extend Medicaid coverage.

Athens County Leader Criticizes State Budget Plan

Mar 1, 2013

The head of the Athens County Job and Family Services agency says Governor John Kasich's decision to expand Medicaid is only part of what's needed.

Buckeye Community Health Plan says it will move its office from South 3rd Street Downtown to Easton Town Center and add 118 jobs in the next several months.

Tea Party To Back GOP Primary Challengers

Feb 26, 2013

Ohio Tea Party activists say they will back Republican candidates who challenge any GOP lawmakers voting for the expansion of Medicaid.

Medicaid Divides Kasich, Tea Party

Feb 22, 2013

Ohio's John Kasich is one of the nation's most conservative governors.

Lawmakers Hear More On Medicaid Expansion

Feb 15, 2013

An Ohio House committee Thursday heard more details of Governor John Kasich's plan to expand Medicaid under the federal health care law.

Governor Says Budget Plan Not Fracturing His Party

Feb 14, 2013

Republican Ohio Governor John Kasich is brushing off suggestions that policies in his two-year state budget proposal are fracturing his party.

State Budget Includes Medicaid Expansion

Feb 5, 2013

Governor John Kasich's two year state budget plan proposes expanding Medicaid services, a move that would give 365-thousand poor people access to health care.

Batchelder Questions Medicaid Expansion

Jan 24, 2013

Ohio House Speaker Bill Batchelder says his Republican colleagues have concerns about the expense of expanding Medicaid, though he has yet to discuss with them whether the state should increase coverage.

Ohio has reached an agreement with the federal government on a plan aimed at better coordinating medical care for some of the state's sickest and most expensive patients.

Ohio Governor John Kasich chaired the U.S. House budget committee in the mid 1990s.

State child welfare officials are launching a one million dollar study to determine whether anti-psychotic drugs are being over-prescribed for kids on Medicaid, especially those in foster care.

State health officials say a Franklin County judge has dismissed a lawsuit seeking to block implementation of certain Medicaid contracts.

It's being called the largest health care fraud settlement in US history, and Ohio may get millions of dollars as a result.  Statehouse correspondent Bill Cohen reports.