Mohammed Noure Alo

Chicago Sun Times

A Columbus attorney convicted in a bribery scheme involving a former deputy state treasurer has been permanently disbarred.

The head of the Ohio Republican Party is criticizing Democratic State Representative Kevin Boyce's response to an investigation into a pay-to-play scheme when he was state treasurer. 

Chicago Sun Times

The state Supreme Court has temporarily suspended the law license of a former bank lobbyist following his conviction in a bribery and money-laundering scheme under Ohio's former state treasurer.

Prosecutors on Friday issued an arrest warrant for a former Ohio deputy treasurer who pleaded guilty in December to federal charges in a kickback scheme, after receiving information he violated terms of his release. 

Former Ohio Official Pleads Guilty In Kickback Scheme

Dec 23, 2013

A former Ohio deputy treasurer has pleaded guilty to federal program bribery and conspiracy charges in a kickback scheme.

Ahmad, Alo Plead Not Guilty In Bribery Scheme

Aug 20, 2013

Former Deputy State Treasurer Amer Ahmad has pleaded not guilty to charges in a bribery and money laundering scheme.

A former Deputy State Treasurer and a Columbus lobbyist have been indicted on charges of engaging in a bribery scheme during the tenure of former Democratic Treasurer Kevin Boyce.