In A Valley of Violence

Nov 2, 2016

A satirical Western more like The Quick and the Dead than Blazing Saddles.

Certain Women

Nov 1, 2016

The director knows her women and her Northwest.

Hacksaw Ridge

Oct 31, 2016

Gibson knows his violence--an art form for him.

It's Movie Time Oct 28, '16: A Man Called Ove

Oct 27, 2016

John and Linda love the film adaptation of a best-selling Swedish novel.

Cinema Classics Oct 27, '16: Tom Hanks

Oct 27, 2016

John and Johnny consider the career of Tom Hanks, currently starring in Inferno.


Oct 27, 2016

Dan Brown's new adaptation is as exciting and confusing as ever.

A Man Called Ove

Oct 24, 2016

A stereotype becomes a memorable old man.

It's Movie Time Oct 21, '16 The Accountant

Oct 21, 2016

John and Hope get  excited about an accountant--go figure!

Film reviewed: The Accountant

by host John DeSando and guest,

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Hope Madden writes for Columbus Underground and MaddWolf.com.

American Honey

Oct 21, 2016

An unusually entertaining road pic.

It's Movie Time Promo Dumb Question 10-18-16

Oct 19, 2016

John and Hope spar in the newest IMT 29 sec promo.

Cinema Classics Oct 20, '16: Ben Affleck

Oct 19, 2016

John and Johnny reassess their take on Ben Affleck three years ago.

The Accountant

Oct 13, 2016

Who knew Affleck could act?

It's Movie Time Oct 14, '16 The Girl on the Train

Oct 13, 2016

John and Kevin praise the ensemble work of the actresses and the complexity of the story.

John and Johnny bicker about "Frank" in their most recent promo spot,

The 33 sec promo:

In honor of the late Edward Albee, the boys remember the wildly-dramatic Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

A Cinema Classic: Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

with co-hosts John DeSando and Johnny DiLoretto

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Closet Monster

Oct 11, 2016

One of the great coming-of-age films.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Oct 9, 2016

Tim Burton at his understated best (partly because Johnny Depp's not in it).

The Girl on the Train

Oct 9, 2016

Psyhco-dramatic take on Long Island desperate housewives.

The Girl on the Train

Grade: B

Director: Tate Taylor (The Help)

Screenplay: Erin Cressida Wilson (Men, Women & Children) from the Paula Hawkins novel

Cast: Emily Blunt (Sicario), Hayley Bennett (Equalizer)

Rating: R

Runtime: 112 min.

by John DeSando

“I would chance saying globally there is a feeling that female empowerment has, at last, become a topic that is fashionable, and more power to that.” Gwendoline Christie

Train to Busan

Oct 7, 2016

Multi-layered, smart entertainment as much about our human  flaws as about South Korean chaos.

It's Movie Time Oct 7, '16 The Birth of a Nation

Oct 6, 2016

John and Linda respect Nate Parker's mini-epic with some reservations.