John and Johnny bring back the ghost of the original to bear on the new Ghostbusters 2016.

Cafe Society

Jul 31, 2016

Some Woody moments but not enough.

Bad Moms

Jul 29, 2016

Learn how to be a good mom by admitting you're a bad one!

It's Movie Time July 29, '16 Jason Bourne

Jul 28, 2016

John and Kevin disagree on the merits of each film, but they had fun seeing them.

John and Johnny, inspired by the Gateway Film Center's showing of Full Metal Jacket starting July 29, review the work of Stanley Kubrick.

Jason Bourne

Jul 27, 2016

Same formula, same chases, same high-class thrills from a great franchise.


Jul 27, 2016

It's a daring night with two attractive young adults and a naughty Internet.

Life, Animated

Jul 27, 2016

Never doubt the power of Disney to effect good.

IMT Promo July 21, '16 Cool John with Hope Madden

Jul 27, 2016

John and Hope in our "hot" and  "cool " promo: 29 sec.

Star Trek Beyond

Jul 25, 2016

Not truly original, Star Trek Beyond is fun and faithful to the tradition.

It's Movie Time July 22,'16 Absolutely Fabulous

Jul 22, 2016

John and Hope trump Brexit with this comic import.

Cinema Classics July 21, '16 Buddy Films

Jul 21, 2016

Inspired by BFG and Central Intelligence, the boys survey buddy films.

Absolutely Fabulous

Jul 21, 2016

I warmed up to it upon reflection because my first impression was "Absolutely Awful."

Finding Dory

Jul 19, 2016

It deserves its glory as the biggest grossing animation in film history.


Jul 16, 2016

It's a funny reboot that can stand on its own without the help of its iconic predecessor.

It's Movie Time July 15,'16 Dark Horse

Jul 15, 2016

John and Linda love this informative and endearing documentary. This show is a repeat from June 24, when the opening was delayed at the last minute.

The boys fit BFG into the Spielberg canon.

A Cinema Classic: Spielberg and BFG

with co-hosts John DeSando and Johnny DiLoretto

Award-winning Cinema Classics discusses great movies then and now. From films, genres, directors, and actors to everything else in between, the hosts don't always agree, but they are always fun and informative.

Cinema Classics is regularly broadcast at 8:01 pm Thursday on WCBE 90.5 FM and streaming at WCBE.org. Stay connected on Facebook.

Dark Horse

Jul 15, 2016

Not Disneyfied.  Just real life heroes in the sport of  kings.

It's Movie Time July 8, '16 The Secret Life of Pets

Jul 8, 2016

John and Wayne are just as excited as the kids about this raucous animation.

The Johns recall their inner child as they celebrate the Gateway Film Center's screening of Close Encounters starting July 8.