Nationwide Arena

Ohio Governor John Kasich has signed into law a total property tax exemption for Nationwide Arena. 

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State lawmakers wrapping up work in the lame-duck session on Thursday approved a total property tax exemption for Nationwide Arena.

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The Columbus City Schools' board has decided not to join an effort to increase the property value of Nationwide Arena.


Nationwide Arena will end its fiscal year on June 30th with a 416 thousand dollar surplus. 

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The Columbus City Schools Board has voted unanimously to accept an annual payment of $586,000 from the Franklin County Convention Facilities Authority in lieu of property taxes on Nationwide Arena.  

The Columbus City Schools board will vote next week on whether to accept a provisional settlement with the public owners of Nationwide Arena for an annual payment in lieu of property taxes. 

The city of Columbus and Franklin County will each spend 250 thousand dollars in taxpayer money to promote the NHL All-Star Game in late January.

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Newly released National Hockey League team-by-team attendance data shows the taxpayer-funded bailout of the Columbus Blue Jackets has not helped put people in the seats.

The Franklin County Board of Elections has rejected an attempt by a local group to get voters in May to stop the city of Columbus from making its payments on Nationwide Arena.

Columbus City Council last night voted to reject the enactment of a proposal to end the city's purchase payments for Nationwide Arena.

2013 was a year of progress when it comes to development in downtown Columbus.

Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman continues to support the use of casino tax dollars for the public purchase of Nationwide Arena.

Columbus City Council earlier this week rejected a plan to ask voters to permit the use of casino tax revenue to fund council and mayoral campaigns, sending the issue to the Franklin County Board of Elections for review.

Nationwide Arena's second year of public ownership could end in red ink.