Ohio Auditor David Yost

Ohio Public Radio

The state auditor says the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow committed fraud by inflating student participation numbers in order to continue collecting millions in taxpayer money.

Ohio Public Radio

Republican state Auditor David Yost says he has found problems with the process for scoring applications for medical marijuana cultivator licenses.

Republican State Auditor David Yost plans to study the finances of Cincinnati's sewer district after it spent hundreds of millions of public dollars with little or no oversight at a time when sewer rates have risen steadily. 

The proposed constitutional amendment that would legalize and regulate marijuana in Ohio has one state official calling for an overhaul of the process. 

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The State Auditor's office is asking the Ohio Ethics Commission to investigate Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo.

State Auditor Releases Long-Awaited JobsOhio Report

Nov 21, 2013

State Auditor Dave Yost has completed his audit of the state’s non profit job creation company, JobsOhio.

State Auditor Says JobsOhio Audit Will Be Ready In October

Sep 12, 2013

Ohio’s Auditor Dave Yost says he still wants some answers about how JobsOhio, the state’s private non-profit job creation company, is spending its money.

Auditor Suggests Tracking DJFS Workers

Jun 13, 2013

Ohio's auditor says the state can cut down on Medicaid fraud by verifying that home health care workers are where they say they are.

The Columbus City Schools will have to pay the state's cost for its investigation into allegations the district rigged attendance data.