Ohio Chamber of Commerce

What Impact Would Marijuana Initiative Have on Business In Ohio?

Sep 23, 2015

Backers of the marijuana legalization constitutional amendment on the statewide ballot next month say there are good jobs at stake.

The Ohio Chamber of Commerce says it's strongly opposed to a marijuana legalization plan on the November ballot, and will join a coalition seeking to get voters to defeat it.

Ohio Governor John Kasich’s budget proposal is running into opposition from all sides, with a  group of lobbyists becoming the latest to speak out against it. 

Ohio's business community is teaming up with a state program aimed at preventing child drug use.

Gov. Kasich/Ohio Chamber Continue Unusual Relationship

Dec 22, 2014

There were a few awkward moments at Gov. John Kasich’s recent presentation before the Ohio Chamber of Commerce. 

Republican Ohio Governor John Kasich says he plans to push against political adversaries during his second term, as he tries to enact restrictions on charter schools and reach a satisfactory compromise on renewable-energy mandates.

Kasich Again Garners Rare Endorsement

Sep 10, 2014

For just the second time in its 120 year history -- the Ohio Chamber of Commerce has endorsed a candidate for governor.

Fast Food Workers Strike Calls Attention To Minimum Wage

Dec 5, 2013

Workers at fast food restaurants in Columbus and several other U.S. cities are holding strikes and protests today, seeking higher wages. 

Chamber Critical Of Kasich Budget Plan

Mar 21, 2013

Ohio Governor John Kasich is actively defending his state budget plan, which includes some provisions Democrats like and his fellow Republicans oppose.