Ohio Department of Agriculture


A state appeals court has sided with the Ohio Department of Agriculture in its legal battle with the former owner of six tigers and several other exotic animals.


One person was killed and seven others injured when an "aggressive thrill" ride at the Ohio State Fair broke apart last night.


The Ohio Department of Agriculture says nearly 50 hogs at the Franklin County fair were removed for slaughter Wednesday after at least two animals tested positive for swine flu.


The Ohio Department of Agriculture launches its annual effort to prevent the spread of Gypsy Moths this week.


Unseasonably warm weather last fall and winter has created confusion for honeybees and has added to a list of problems they face as researchers investigate how to help them survive and continue their vital role in pollinating crops.


The Ohio Department of Agriculture is investigating a Columbus pet store owner after he brought several reptiles to a daycare center.


State officials say two children became ill with a new version of the swine flu virus after being in contact with infected pigs at the Clark County Fair in late July.


The Ohio Department of Agriculture says work is underway in central Ohio to protect trees from gypsy moths.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture says two of the four cubs born to a seized tiger at its holding facility have died. 

A judge who enabled the seizure of five tigers and five other exotic animals from a northeast Ohio farm via a warrant and later ordered their return is fighting with the state about who has jurisdiction over such transfers. 

The Ohio Department of Agriculture is barring a propane company from making deliveries.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture has lifted the statewide ban on bird exhibitions after finding no immediate threat of avian flu.

The state Controlling Board has approved the Ohio Department of Agriculture's request for 500 thousand additional dollars to adequately care for exotic animals seized or surrendered under the state's recently enacted crackdown.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture is asking the state Controlling Board to approve an additional 500 thousand dollars to adequately care for exotic animals seized or surrendered under the state's recently enacted crackdown.

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A man is asking a court to order his six tigers and other exotic animals returned to Ohio after they were seized by the state and moved from a holding facility to sanctuaries elsewhere. 


Columbus-based Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams says listeria has been found in other pints and in its local production facility.

A Columbus company accused of selling bags of mulch that were not full will offer consumers a free bag this spring under a settlement with the Ohio Attorney General's office.

The state veterinarian says four horses in northeast Ohio have died of eastern equine encephalitis, a mosquito-borne illness that also can affect humans. 


Some Central Ohio residents were scared by low flying planes this morning.

Ohio Mulch Company Offers Rebates For Underweight Bags

Apr 24, 2014
Ohio Mulch

Ohio's Agriculture Department has stopped sales of 1.5 cubic-foot bags of mulch produced before April 6 by a Columbus mulch company, after random testing found the bags weren't full.

Ohio Beekeepers Lost Colonies Over The Winter

Apr 24, 2014

State agriculture officials say beekeepers lost 50 to 80 percent of their honeybees over the winter, threatening the farming industry.

Ash Borer Population Hurt By Cold Weather

Jan 16, 2014

State officials say the recent cold snap may have helped reduce the population of the Emerald Ash Borer Beetle.

Black Walnut Quarentine Called For Southwest Ohio County

Dec 24, 2013

State agriculture officials are trying to keep a deadly walnut-tree disease from spreading from a southwestern Ohio county.

Emergency crews need to be ready for all types of situations… and that requires thorough training.

A state panel has approved spending up to $3.5 million for a facility that could temporarily hold dozens of exotic animals confiscated under a new Ohio law. 

The state wants to build a zoo like facility that would temporarily house the exotic animals that will be confiscated under a new state law that is about to take affect. In an interview with Ohio Public Radio's Jo Ingles, Erika Pitchford of the Ohio Department of Agriculture explains why the state is looking at this option.