Ohio Department of Commerce

The Ohio Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee is considering proposed rules that would permit up to 18 growers in Ohio and make their licensing fees among the highest in the country.

Two agencies that will regulate Ohio's medical marijuana program are getting the 1.8 million state dollars they sought to start that work.

The Ohio Supreme Court will decide if outside sales representatives working on commission must be paid minimum wage.

John Minchillo / Associated Press

The Ohio Board of  Building Standards is cautioning schools against buying or installing barricade devices meant to stop active shooters until rules are developed for use of the devices.  

The Ohio Department of Commerce says liquor sales for the 2015 fiscal year set a record of nearly 1 billion dollars, a seven percent increase over the same period a year ago.


Some Licking County parents are frustrated with the state's decision to keep schools from using security barricades intended to stop a gunman.

The Ohio Department of Commerce says total liquor sales in the state rose last year to a record level.

Ohio Department of Commerce spokesperson Brian Hoyt says a record amount of unclaimed funds were returned to residents in the last fiscal year.

The Ohio Department of Commerce says the end of the year is a good time  to closely examine cable television bills for any upcoming rate increases.

Goodman To Head Development Services

Mar 14, 2013

The head of the Ohio Department of Commerce will soon become the head of the state's Development Services Agency.

A state lawmaker is under investigation for his role in a shady investment deal.

City Gets Unclaimed Funds From State

Jan 29, 2013

The Ohio Department of Commerce has returned millions of dollars in unclaimed funds to a northeast Ohio city in what it says is the largest such payment in state history.

A federal judge has ruled an Ohio law aimed at curbing gold- and silver-related theft by barring precious metals dealers from advertising without a license is unconstitutional.