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The Ohio Department of Education is retracting evaluations of charter school sponsors after discovering a pro-charter school  official excluded failing grades received by online schools from the reports.

The Ohio Department of Education is starting work on a new series of student tests to be administered in the upcoming school year.

The Ohio Department of Education is suspending four charter schools for failing to meet student academic performance requirements.

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The Ohio Department of Education wants to change the requirement that elementary schools have at least five of the eight specialty teachers in subjects such as art, music and physical education.

The Ohio House of Representatives has approved a bill prohibiting schools from using the results of new proficiency tests being conducted this school year to determine a student's advancement to the next grade level.

The controversial sponsor of eight northeast Ohio charter schools is going out of existence and the state is trying to help the schools come up with alternatives.

The Ohio Department of Education says students from 255 facilities in 31 districts will be eligible for the next round of state-funded scholarships that help youth from consistently underperforming public schools attend private schools. 

The Ohio Department of Education has released a report recommending a cutback in the amount of time spent testing students each year.

Ohio's public schools are sliding in a national report card. 

Ohio education officials say $10 million is available for a new school mentorship program.  

The Ohio Department of Education says the Columbus City Schools met only 2 of 24 academic performance standards last year.

Franklin County prosecutors are reviewing a state audit accusing a former school superintendent of spending public money on himself. 

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The Ohio Department of Education says a recent recalculation of some school ratings changes the eligibility list for a program providing vouchers for private schools to students at consistently underperforming public schools.

State Changes Report Cards For 20 Columbus City Schools

Aug 14, 2014
State Auditor's Office

The Ohio Department of Education has recalculated report cards for 20 schools in the Columbus district, as well as schools in four other districts, after correcting for errors resulting from improper data tampering.

Opponents of charter schools made serious allegations during a Statehouse rally earlier today.

The State Controlling Board has approved 37 applications for "innovation" grants from nearly 200 schools and educational entities. 

Ohio Department of Education

Republican Ohio Governor John Kasich is standing by the head of the state education department in the wake of the controversy surrounding a Dayton charter school.

An appeals court has put on hold a judge's order that the Ohio Department of Education sponsor a downtown Cincinnati charter school to keep it operating.

Ohio Department of Education officials say they have forwarded allegations of sexual misconduct, test tampering and other possible criminal misdeeds at a Dayton charter school to Montgomery County Children Services and Dayton police.

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Federal and state officials are trying to get more low-income children to participate in free or reduced-price meal programs this summer.