Ohio Department of Job and Family Services

Ohio's unemployment rate for March is 5.1 percent, unchanged from February.

Ohio's unemployment rate rose one-tenth of a point to 5.1 percent in February.

Central Ohio's unemployment rate rose by nine-tenths of a point to 4.8 percent in January due to an end of holiday jobs and winter closings of construction projects.

Ohio's unemployment rate for January is 5 percent, unchanged from December's revised rate.

In the last seven years, the number of Ohio kids taken into custody by children services agencies rose by nearly 20 percent.


Ohio's unemployment rate was for December is 4.9 percent, unchanged from November.

The jobless rate for Columbus and Franklin County in November fell two-tenths of a point to 3.7 percent - the lowest rate since September of 2001.

Ohio's unemployment rate was 4.9 percent in November, unchanged from October.

Ohio's unemployment rate for October is 4.9 percent, an increase of a tenth of a point from the previous month and the same as the national rate.

Central Ohio's jobless rate for September remains the lowest of any metro area in the state.

Ohio's unemployment rate for September is 4.8 percent, an increase of one-tenth of a point from August.

The unemployment rate in central Ohio fell to 3.9 percent in August, down a tenth of a point from July.

The state says Ohio's unemployment rate dropped again in August to 4.7 percent. 

A plan to stop Ohio's publicly funded preschools from receiving overlapping service payments from multiple sources will be delayed until next school year.

Ohio has paid the remaining 271 million debt to the federal government on its Great Recession-era loan to cover unemployment insurance benefits.

Central Ohio's unemployment rate for July is 4 percent, down two-tenths of a point from June. 

Ohio's unemployment rate for July is 4.8 percent, down two-tenths of a point from June.

Some Ohio preschools will lose state funding due to a new rule change by the state agency that administers the funds. 

The unemployment rate for the Columbus metropolitan area increased in June.

Ohio's new unemployment rate is 5 percent, a decline of a tenth of a point from May.