Ohio Department of Natural Resources

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources says the Buckeye Lake dam replacement project will be completed in the fall of 2018, one year ahead of schedule.

The Ohio Inspector General's office says a now-retired Ohio Department of Natural Resources official could face criminal charges for accepting payment for hours not worked, using his state vehicle for personal purposes, and misusing his state cell phone and email account.


Nearly 15 million dollars in grant money will go toward expanding trails and funding other outdoor recreational projects across Ohio. 


The Ohio Department of Natural Resources is asking a state appeals court to allow the Sawmill Wetlands to remain a public park.

The state's Controlling Board has approved a 5.6 million request by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to fund the next phase of work to replace the deteriorated Buckeye Lake dam.


Ohio Governor John Kasich has ordered the creation of a hotline for oil-and-gas emergencies, and authorized two state departments to start setting it up.


Ohio has issued new guidelines for eating fish caught in lakes, rivers and streams.

State officials say children, the elderly and those with a weak immune system should avoid swimming in the water at Madison Lake in Madison County because of elevated E. Coli levels. 

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has issued water warnings for Delaware and Alum Creek Reservoirs, saying E. Coli contamination could pose health risks to swimmers, particularly the elderly, children and those with weak immune systems.


Experts working for the state have concluded planks and pieces of wood pulled from the muck of Buckeye Lake are wreckage of a canal boat that sunk in 1850.


The Ohio Department of Natural Resources is increasing patrols of waterways this weekend in an effort to reduce deaths and accidents caused by boaters who are high on drugs or alcohol. 

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has posted warning signs at Buckeye Lake boat ramps after tests conducted last week show high levels of algae toxins in the water.


The Ohio Department of Natural Resources says toxic algae blooms at Grand Lake St. Marys in western Ohio are getting better.

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State officials will let the water level rise by two feet in Buckeye Lake after keeping it low for over a year as a precaution because of it's deteriorating earthen dam.


The Ohio Department of Natural Resources says work to renovate 20 cabins at Hocking Hills State Park has been completed. 

Ohio's Division of Parks and Recreation and Watercraft would be combined under a Department of Natural Resources a budget proposal aimed at trimming costs. 


The Ohio Department of Natural Resources says the amount of fracking wastewater pumped underground in the state increased by more than 15 percent last year. 


Workers have begun constructing a stability barrier in front of the deteriorating Buckeye Lake dam as part of a project to replace the structure.

The Ohio EPA and Department of Natural Resources are fining an international oil and gas company more than 200 thousand dollars for a malfunction and fire at a fracking well in Monroe County in 2014 that killed thousands of fish and forced the temporary evacuation of some residents.

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The state has asked hundreds of homeowners on the deteriorated dam at Buckeye Lake to remove their docks and other structures, such as decks, in preparation for construction of a replacement barrier.