Ohio Department of Public Safety

Bicyclists from around Ohio will ride today in downtown Columbus to honor riders who have been killed in crashes.

The Ohio Department of Public Safety says starting July 2, the state will end the same-day issuing of driver's licenses and will mail them instead.

After Tuesday's apparent suicide attempt at a Massillon-area middle school, and a school shooting in Florida last week, safety is very much on the minds of school officials across the country.

More than 500 thousand Ohio vehicles have customized license plates, but some drivers want plates that have racial slurs and other offensive language. 

Ohio Public Radio

The state plans to train the undercover agents who investigate liquor, tobacco and food stamp violations to identify and help victims of human trafficking.

The state is announcing training for survivors of human trafficking to help other victims recover from their experiences.

Ohio Department of Public Safety officials say some motorists will soon be able to renew their vehicle registration at grocery store kiosks. 

The state is proposing more fines for distracted driving, with the money going to help subsidize driver education courses for the poor.

State Drunken Driving Registry Incomplete

Oct 1, 2013

An investigation by the Newark Advocate shows the state's online registry of repeatedly convicted drunken drivers includes information from  half of the counties in the state. 

Tom Charles Retires

Aug 1, 2013

State Public Safety Director Tom Charles retired yesterday to meet a key retirement benefit deadline under state pension reform.

State Scraps License Plate Plan

Feb 8, 2013

The state is scrapping plans to require Ohioans to replace their vehicle license plates every seven years and replace the gold-lined and bicentennial red,white and blue plates.

License Plate Changes May Not Be In Budget

Jan 31, 2013

The new state budget may require drivers to replace their license plates every seven years, and bicentennial license plates could be recalled this year.

Ohio is beefing up its investigations into the source of drugs or alcohol suspected of being the cause of serious or fatal wrecks.