Ohio Legislative Black Caucus

Members of the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus want references to slavery removed from the state's constitution.


A group of African-American state lawmakers wants changes in criminal justice laws.

Voter Rights Bill Announced During MLK Celebration

Jan 17, 2014

The Ohio Legislative Black Caucus, along with clergy and civil rights leaders, are backing an Ohio constitutional amendment guaranteeing certain voter protections.

Pinkney Passes Away

Jan 14, 2014

Cleveland political strategist and civil rights activist Arnold Pinkney, who helped elect Ohio's first African-American congressman and managed Democrat Jesse Jackson's 1984 presidential campaign, died Monday at a hospice at the age of 84.

Opponents of a plan to enact Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law in Ohio held a protest at the Statehouse yesterday.

Legislative Black Caucus Announces Priorities

Feb 15, 2013

African-American state lawmakers have compiled a list of what they want the legislature to accomplish to improve the lives of black Ohioans.