Ohio Right to Life


Next weekend the state’s leading anti-abortion group will be hosting a presidential candidate – and it’s not Governor John Kasich. 

The Ohio Supreme Court has dismissed a lawsuit filed by an abortion rights group over a public records request seeking communication between the Ohio Department of Health  and an anti-abortion organization.

During the past four years, Ohio legislators have passed several laws restricting abortion.

For the third time in as many legislative sessions, Ohio abortion opponents have introduced a proposal to ban the procedure after the first fetal heartbeat is detected.

Some new bills at the Statehouse would make abortion illegal at earlier stages of pregnancy than existing law, which bans abortion after around 24 weeks.

Ohio Democratic congressman Tim Ryan has switched his position and now supports abortion rights. 

Proposed new regulations on abortion could be among the first measures that lawmakers will see in the new session of the Ohio General Assembly. 

A group that identifies itself as pro-choice is suing to get the Ohio Department of Health to turn over any communications it’s had with a leading  group that identifies itself as pro-life. 


Young Ohioans are expected to play a key role in Tuesday's elections and in future public policy.

Abortion Remains Divisive Issue In 2014 Election

Oct 28, 2014

Advocates for abortion rights and birth control say state leaders have done a lot of things during the past four years that restrict Ohio women from being able to exercise their reproductive rights.

Opponents of Ohio laws limiting access to abortions and other women's health care held a protest at the Statehouse Wednesday, hoping to draw the attention of Governor John Kasich and majority Republican lawmakers.

Bill Restricting Abortion Rights To Be Reintroduced

Aug 15, 2013

Abortion opponents plan to resurrect a proposal to effectively ban the procedure after the first fetal heartbeat is detected - as early as six weeks into pregnancy.

Two Democratic Senators have introduced a bill to ensure that sexual offenders would not have parental rights if their victims choose to keep or adopt out babies conceived in rapes.

Ohio’s budget was a big victory for Ohio Right to Life as five bills it supported were attached to the state’s new two year fiscal plan.

Anti-abortion Bills Worry Ohio Providers

Jun 19, 2013

Some Ohio doctors and medical clinic managers say if the Ohio legislature passes some anti-abortion bills now under consideration, it’s very possible there will be a shortage of doctors and medical facilities to serve the needs of Ohio women.

The National Abortion Rights Action League is blasting Ohio Right to Life's president over statements he recently made about abortion and rape. Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles reports.