Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted

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Opponents of Ohio's system for removing inactive voters from the rolls are urging the U.S. Supreme Court to reject the practice.


An Ohio Court of Appeals has upheld the constitutionality of a 2013 state law imposing stiffer criteria for minor political parties to reach and maintain ballot status.

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The Justice Department has reversed itself and filed a brief supporting an Ohio voter roll purging case before the U.S. Supreme Court. 

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Republican Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted says he has complied with a request from a presidential commission on voter fraud with a series of web links to publicly available data.

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The vice chair of President Trump’s Commission on Election Integrity has sent a letter to all 50 states, asking for registered voters’ names, birthdays, political affiliations, voting history and last four digits of social security numbers. 

A federal judge has sanctioned a central Ohio law firm for its conduct during a legal fight over efforts by Republicans to help Governor John Kasich's 2014 re-election bid.

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Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine's lawsuit against five drug companies is drawing mixed reaction from Republican and Democratic gubernatorial candidates.


The fight over how Ohio has maintained its voter rolls has made it to the nation’s highest court. Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles has details.  

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An Ohio Democrat has announced a bid for statewide office.

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Republican Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted has announced he is running for governor in 2018.

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More companies are deciding to call Ohio home.

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Republican State Representative Dorothy Pelanda of Marysville says she will run for secretary of state next year.

Republican Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted says he has identified an additional 385 non-citizens who are registered to vote in the presidential battleground state, including 82 who cast ballots in at least one election.  

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Ohio Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor has launched her gubernatorial campaign by creating a fundraising committee.

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Some of the state's top Republican officeholders who are likely to run for higher positions in 2018 say the state needs to make some critical decisions right now.

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Republican State Auditor David Yost has announced he's running for attorney general next year.

Ohio's Libertarian party is suing Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted for allegedly refusing to recognize it as an official political party and grant it ballot access privileges.

Voter registration will soon be available online. 


Republican Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted says a record number of Ohioans cast absentee ballots in the November election.

Republican Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted says the National Guard is among the agencies helping to keep the election safe.

  Advocates for the homeless and the Ohio Democratic Party are asking the Supreme Court to block election rules that could disqualify thousands of absentee and provisional ballots in the battleground state because of minor mistakes or omissions.  

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Officials at the Franklin County Board of Elections say early voting turnout this year is on pace to match the 2012 presidential election.

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A federal district judge has ruled thousands of Ohio voters improperly removed from the rolls may cast provisional ballots this November.

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Republican Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted says  rampant voter fraud in this year's presidential election is unlikely.


Republican Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted says in court filings voters improperly removed from the rolls could cast provisional ballots this year if a court allows it.

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Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted is responding with uncharacteristic vigor to an internet rumor of vote tampering in Franklin County.  


The Ohio Secretary of State's office says the number of people who have requested absentee ballots ahead of the November election is  957 thousand.

An issue aimed at controlling what Ohio agencies pay for prescription drugs has cleared a hurdle to appearing on next year's ballot.


One in seven registered voters in Ohio won't receive an absentee ballot request form in the mail for the upcoming election cycle.

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The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled the process Republican Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted is using to remove voters from the rolls is illegal.