Ohio State University

Task Force To Examine OSU Marching Band Culture

Jul 28, 2014

Ohio State University is expected to announce today it will form a task force to help bring changes after the firing of marching band director Jon Waters amid allegations he ignored rampant sexual harassment.

An attorney says the fired director of Ohio State University's marching band has become a scapegoat for behavior that occurred before his leadership and he'll fight to clear his name.

Ohio's measles outbreak appears to be coming to an end. 

National Institutes of Health

Researchers at Ohio State and Harvard Universities say they are on the cusp of a breakthrough in fighting E. coli and other drug-resistant bacteria.

Gun Rights Groups Sue OSU Over Weapons Ban

Jul 8, 2014

A gun rights group has sued Ohio State University over its weapons ban, arguing it conflicts with rights provided by state law to permitting law-abiding gun owners.

Ohio State defensive end Tracy Sprinkle has pleaded not guilty to drug, rioting and failure to disperse charges after a weekend bar fight in Lorain.

Lorain police say Ohio State University defensive end Tracy Sprinkle has been arrested on charges of cocaine possession, rioting and failure to disperse after a bar fight early Saturday. 

A new report by Ohio State University's College of Law examines the real-world impact outside spending is having on elections and politics since the U.S. Supreme Court's 2010 Citizens United ruling, which allows more political spending by corporations and unions.

Local Mumps Cases Now Exceed 420

Jun 17, 2014

Columbus Public Health officials say 427 cases of mumps have now been confirmed in the outbreak that started at Ohio State University.


Ohio State University's Cancer Center is teaming with a Florida facility to create what officials say will be the largest known database of patients for research.

Former Ohio State football player Preston Harrison is awaiting trial for allegedly masterminding an investment scheme.

Mumps Cases Increase

May 20, 2014

Columbus Public health officials say 366 cases of mumps have now been confirmed in an outbreak that started at Ohio State University.

Judge Sets Sentencing Date For Former OSU Doc

May 16, 2014

A new sentencing date has been set for the former director of Ohio State University's pediatric cancer radiation program who pleaded guilty to accessing child pornography.

Health officials say the Mumps outbreak that started at Ohio State University may have spread to the Hilliard schools.

Health officials have now confirmed 317 cases of mumps in the outbreak that started at Ohio State University.

OSU Pitcher Diagnosed With Leukemia

May 2, 2014

Ohio State says freshman starting pitcher Zach Farmer will miss the rest of the season while being treated for leukemia.

Confirmed Mumps Cases Exceed 300

May 2, 2014

Public health officials have confirmed 303 cases of mumps in an outbreak that started at Ohio State University earlier this year.

Ohio State, Denison and Wittenberg Universities are on the list of 55 schools in the U.S. under investigation for their handling of sexual abuse complaints, according to a federal Education Department report released today.

A federal appeals court has ruled a woman may proceed with her lawsuit alleging Ohio State University discriminated against her because she has Crohn's disease.

Winter Weather Harmed Ohio Wines

Apr 25, 2014

A winter damage survey report from Ohio State University researchers shows the extreme subzero temperatures devastated the 2014 vintage of some varieties of wine grapes and caused an estimated 4 million dollars in damage to Ohio wineries.