Ohio State University

Columbus Public Health officials say the mumps outbreak is slowing down, but is not yet over. 


The fired director of Ohio State's marching band is formally requesting his job back, citing alleged flaws in a university investigation and a positive performance review issued weeks before he was terminated.

Mirror Lake Being Refilled

Aug 14, 2014

Ohio State University is going to refill Mirror Lake using water from an underground well. 

Drake: Waters Likely Won't Be Reinstated

Aug 14, 2014
Ohio State University

Ohio State University's evaluation of fired marching band director Jon Waters lauded him for "courageous" efforts to address attitudes surrounding the band's traditions seven weeks before he was dismissed.

Witness Says OSU Probe Of Marching Band Is Flawed

Aug 12, 2014

A witness in Ohio State University's investigation of its marching band says it's "absurd" to suggest fired director Jon Waters was dismissive of sexual harassment.

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Former Ohio State University marching band director Jon Waters is considering filing a lawsuit against the school.

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Former Ohio State men's basketball player Greg Oden was arrested this morning in Lawrence, Indiana on charges of punching his former girlfriend in the face during an argument.

Despite Ohio State University officials standing by their decision to fire marching band director Jon Waters, the band's alumni association says it will continue to work to get him reinstated.

OSU Names Interim Band Directors

Aug 5, 2014

Two music professors will be the interim leaders of Ohio State University's marching band, with one focusing on compliance and student safety in the wake of the investigation that led to the director's firing. 

Mumps Cases Exceed 450

Aug 1, 2014

Columbus Public Health officials say the number of confirmed cases of mumps is now 469.

Former Ohio State University football player Tracy Sprinkle has pleaded no contest to attempted failure to comply after being originally charged with felony cocaine possession.

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Former Ohio State University marching band director Jon Waters claims cultural changes were underway before he was fired.

Nearly 7,500 people have signed their name to an online petition, demanding the rehiring of Ohio State University's former band director.  

A group of mostly female OSU marching band alumni held a protest on campus yesterday calling for the reinstatement of band director Jon Waters.

Task Force To Examine OSU Marching Band Culture

Jul 28, 2014

Ohio State University is expected to announce today it will form a task force to help bring changes after the firing of marching band director Jon Waters amid allegations he ignored rampant sexual harassment.

An attorney says the fired director of Ohio State University's marching band has become a scapegoat for behavior that occurred before his leadership and he'll fight to clear his name.

Ohio's measles outbreak appears to be coming to an end. 

National Institutes of Health

Researchers at Ohio State and Harvard Universities say they are on the cusp of a breakthrough in fighting E. coli and other drug-resistant bacteria.

Gun Rights Groups Sue OSU Over Weapons Ban

Jul 8, 2014

A gun rights group has sued Ohio State University over its weapons ban, arguing it conflicts with rights provided by state law to permitting law-abiding gun owners.

Ohio State defensive end Tracy Sprinkle has pleaded not guilty to drug, rioting and failure to disperse charges after a weekend bar fight in Lorain.