Ohio Statehouse

Demonstrations will be held this weekend in Columbus and nearly 500 other cities around the world to promote awareness of and investments in science. 

Ohio Public Radio

Supporters and opponents of President Trump each held rallies at the Statehouse on Saturday.


A small and peaceful pro-Trump rally at the Statehouse broke into a rowdy clash of words as opponents  arrived on the scene Saturday.


Columbus police used pepper spray gas to disperse a crowd of protesters who were blocking the intersection of High and State Streets last night.


Vice President Joe Biden says former U.S. Senator and space pioneer John Glenn "defined what it meant to be an American."


Some central Ohioans continue to band together to protest a Donald Trump presidency.


Some Ohioans are speaking out about the election of Donald Trump. 

Ohio Public Radio

Tuesday's election results show Republicans will maintain control of the Ohio House and Senate.


A white Fairborn police officer has been suspended for posting a controversial comment on social media earlier this week.

The Ohio Highway Patrol says a local man took his own life on the Statehouse grounds last night.

Increased security procedures are taking effect at the Ohio Statehouse this week. 

A block of High Street in front of the Statehouse was briefly closed this morning as Columbus police investigated a suspicious package. 

Statehouse 9/11 Memorial Prompts Reflection

Sep 11, 2014
9/11 Memorial Display
Andy Chow / Ohio Public Radio

As Americans remember the nine-eleven attacks today, many people visited the memorial on the Statehouse lawn.

Statehouse Holocaust Memorial Artist Chosen

May 7, 2013

An artist has been chosen for the planned Holocaust memorial on the Ohio Statehouse grounds.

New Statehouse Exhibits Honor Veterans

Mar 5, 2013

State officials yesterday dedicated two new permanent Statehouse exhibits honoring veterans.

SB 5 encouraged teachers to run statewide

Oct 24, 2012

This time last year, Ohio airwaves were flooded with political ads urging people to vote for or against Senate Bill 5. That was the state law that would have curbed public employees ability to collectively bargain, and it lost -- big. After that election many teachers decided they want to become a more direct part of the legislative process. And StateImpact Ohio’s Ida Lieszkovszky reports they’re now hoping to switch their classrooms for the Statehouse.

Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney sent Florida Senator Marco Rubio to Columbus yesterday to campaign on his behalf.

The Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board has approved placing