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The Ohio Supreme Court has upheld the Mahoning County Board of Elections' decision to reject another ballot measure that would have allowed Youngstown voters to ban fracking.

A state budget provision just taking effect would change an 80-year-old policy, requiring those who want to dispute tax decisions go to one of 12 regional appeals courts instead of the Ohio Supreme Court. 

The Ohio Department of Education says the state's largest online charter school operator could owe another 20 dollars million for failing to properly verify enrollment properly. 


The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled criminal cases may be sealed immediately upon dismissal even if charges could be refiled.

For the second time in a month, the Ohio Supreme Court Tuesday heard a case involving an abortion provider.

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The Ohio Supreme Court yesterday heard arguments about whether to keep Toledo's only abortion clinic open.


A death row inmate convicted and sentenced in the slayings of five fellow inmates during the 1993 Lucasville prison riot is appealing his case to the U.S. Supreme Court on new grounds. 

The Ohio Supreme Court has again upheld cities' use of traffic camera enforcement systems, striking down as unconstitutional legislative restrictions including requiring a police officer to be present.

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Following years of legal battles, a military veteran from Coshocton County can now keep the pet ducks he says helped relieve his post traumatic stress disorder and depression.


During a conference call with reporters yesterday, Democratic former Ohio Attorney General Rich Cordray declined to say if he will run for governor next year.

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The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled the Ohio department of Education may start collecting 60 million dollars from the state's largest online charter school operator. 


The group representing Ohio school boards is offering advice to districts following the Ohio Supreme Court's decision last May upholding the constitutionality of a Whetstone High School student's backpack search.

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The state's largest online charter school operator is asking the Ohio Supreme Court to block the state's efforts to recoup 60 million dollars in funding.


The Ohio Supreme Court has for the third time upheld the death sentence of the state's lone female death row inmate.


Ohio Supreme Court Justice William O'Neill says it's time for the state to decriminalize marijuana.

The Ohio Supreme Court heard arguments this week on whether the free speech rights of people with HIV violated by a law requiring they disclose their status to potential sexual partners.

The Ohio Supreme Court today is scheduled to consider whether a state sex law is constitutional when cases involve children under the age of 13.


A group of juvenile justices advocates is asking the Ohio Supreme Court to require kids charged with certain crimes speak with an attorney before they're asked if they wish to waive representation.


The Ohio Supreme Court has upheld the constitutionality of the search of a Columbus high school student's backpack that prosecutors say led first to the discovery of bullets and later a gun.


Republican U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan is scheduled to tour a New Albany area factory today to hear from manufacturers and make the case for tax reform legislation. 


The Ohio Supreme court says five Cleveland police supervisors may face trial in East Cleveland on dereliction of duty charges.

Dayton is one of several cities urging the Ohio Supreme Court to reject a law that restricts municipalities from using traffic enforcement cameras.


The lone Democratic statewide office holder says he is considering stepping down from his post at year's end to run for governor. 

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The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled records of most criminal investigations are public records once the trial is over.


The Ohio Supreme Court has resolved a conflict over laws meant to outlaw bath salts or synthetic marijuana.

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The Ohio Supreme Court has rejected a request from a woman sexually assaulted by pastor Brian Williams in Delaware when she was 15-years-old to boost the amount of damages paid by the church where the minister worked.

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The U.S. Supreme Court has rejected an appeal from an Ohio death row inmate who says the state should not get a second chance to put him to death after he survived a botched execution in 2009.


The Ohio Supreme Court has upheld the conviction and death sentence of a convicted serial killer.


The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled police dashcam video is a public record that should be released upon request.


The race for an Ohio Supreme Court seat between Republican Pat Fischer and Democrat John O'Donnell is now officially over.