Ohio Supreme Court


The Ohio Supreme Court has blocked a woman's efforts to inspect Franklin County Children Services records regarding an abuse investigation focusing on her daughter.

Supporters of a plan to legalize marijuana are challenging the proposal's ballot wording and title at the Ohio Supreme Court.  

Republican Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted has invalidated ballot proposals in Athens, Fulton and Medina counties that would have banned fracking.

More than 100 elected officials in Ohio are asking Governor John Kasich to help restore more local control over fracking activities.

A community activist group in Broadview Heights that opposes oil and gas wells in residential neighborhoods says it plans to appeal a judge's decision to dismiss its lawsuit.

A conservative group brought its arguments against Ohio's seven "racinos" to the Ohio Supreme Court Tuesday. 

The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled private colleges' police departments are subject to the state's open records law.

State of Ohio

Republican Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor has told Democratic State Senator Sandra Williams the court is powerless to get rid of the grand jury process.


The Republican-controlled Ohio Supreme Court has ruled Cleveland's tax on professional athletes who work for short periods of time in the city unconstitutionally violates their due process rights. 

The Ohio Supreme Court has dismissed a lawsuit filed by an abortion rights group over a public records request seeking communication between the Ohio Department of Health  and an anti-abortion organization.


A Franklin County judge has accepted a reprimand from the Ohio Supreme Court for scolding jurors who issued a verdict she believed to be wrong. 

State of Ohio

A former death row inmate exonerated when another man confessed to his crime is asking the Ohio Supreme Court to completely clear his name to allow him to seek compensation from the state. 

The Ohio Supreme Court will weigh in on the state's mandatory punishment for a 21 year old man convicted after what he said was a consensual sexual relationship with a 15 year old girl. 


The Ohio Supreme Court says state oil and gas drilling regulations supersede local zoning laws.

The Ohio Supreme Court has thrown out part of a state sexual assault law requiring a mandatory sentence when prosecutors provide corroboration of evidence.

The Ohio Supreme Court Wednesday heard arguments about laws that tax professional athletes and entertainers who work for short periods of time in the state.

Just as state lawmakers pass a bill that will likely end most traffic camera programs in Ohio, the state’s highest court has ruled cities have the authority to use them.

The Republican-dominated Ohio Supreme Court took up several important cases this year, rendering opinions that surprised some observers.

The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled that private property owners that lease to community colleges aren't entitled to property tax exemptions available to the institutions. 

SUPCO Justice Talks Same-Sex Marriage, JobsOhio

Nov 14, 2014

Ohio Supreme Court Justice Paul Pfeifer says language on same-sex marriage, pro or con, does not belong in the state Constitution.