Pit Bull

The Knox County prosecutor says no criminal charges will be filed against the father of an infant killed last week by one of the family's dogs. 

The Knox County Coroner says a 1-month-old boy who died at his father's Mount Vernon home on September 20 was killed by the family dog.

Dublin City Council this week formally changed its vicious dog ordinance, voting to end the singling out of pit bulls.

Bexley City Council last night voted to lift the four-year-old municipal ban on pit bulls.

Newark City Council last night approved a measure that no longer automatically labels pit bulls or other specific breeds as vicious.

Newark City Council is revisiting the city's vicious dog law.

Newark  City Council voted last night to reject changes to the vicious dog law that would have permitted pit bulls and other specific breeds without restrictions.

A Newark City Council committee last night approved the removal of breed-specific language from its dog laws, paving the way for people to be able to legally own pit bulls.

A Columbus woman is recovering from serious injuries sustained in a dog attack.